A speech-to-text system for quick, cost free transcription
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How does it work?

  • 1
    Download and run the debian package
  • 2
    Upload video/speech files into the tool, using the instructions provided
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    Edit the transcription, as required

What is Kaldi?

Kaldi is a speech recognition toolkit, built upon the open source software originally developed for use by speech recognition researchers. The quickest way to search through a piece of audio or video is via a transcript, but transcription by hand is a costly and time consuming endeavour. Kaldi has been designed as a means of automating the same process for free, requiring only a small amount of installation effort from a software developer. The BBC-Kaldi component provides a machine learning model built using the tools in the Open Source Kaldi toolkit and audio / text data from BBC programme and an easy to use interface that makes it simple to get up and running.

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What have we learned from Kaldi?

Kaldi has been used extensively within the BBC, with a variety of learnings from each project. BBC Newslabs' Window On the Newsroom project showed that speech-to-text is a tremendous timesaver for journalists who need to be across a wide number of video feeds. Their Audiogram project proved that creating subtitles for viral videoclips can be done much quicker than was previously imagined. BBC Rewind also used speech-to-text to open up almost a million hours of material from the BBC Archive.

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