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How does it work?

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    First choose the images, videos, text, audio that you want to use to tell your story
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    Upload your assets into the Canvas CMS system and choose the layout you want
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    That's it! You're ready to publish - it really is that easy.

What is Canvas?

Timelines have long been a favoured way of retelling stories and explaining historical events. Whether it's explaining a complex story in an engaging way or breathing new life into archive material, Canvas is a tool allows you to create glossy, visually-led, parallax scrolling timelines to tell your story.

Developed by the BBC Rewind team, the tool has been developed to easily bring together many elements of storytelling, including video, audio, stills, and the written word; you only need a minimum of 6 pieces of content to get started. It's easy to put them together and then quickly test out the results, allowing the user to focus on the narrattive and see what works best for the story.

Top tips to get you ready

What have we learnt from using Canvas?

The BBC has held a number of internal trials using the Canvas tool, which have been tested with audiences through BBC News. We learned that the visually led curation of a timeline is very appealing to our audiences and we continue to iterate on the tool as a way of supporting our journalists to do this quickly and easily in-house.

The BBC Rewind team (who developed the tool) wanted to create a 'what you see is what you get' editing tool that would simplify the process of making these interactive stories. Rather than relying on developers to create timelines from the ground up, Canvas hands over the process to content makers. Within the team, they’ve made a number of Canvas stories on a diverse range of subjects, and the tool’s relative ease of use has meant they’ve been able to concentrate on getting the editorial content right, without worrying about technical issues.

The Rewind development team are always adding new features, and the tool has grown in response to user feedback.

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