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24 September 2014

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The Getaway - London gets a virtual makeover
Holborn tube in The Getaway: Black Monday
Holborn station as you've never seen it before
spacer Users of a new game will be able to roam about London, take part in shoot-outs on the Tube and catch villians.

Every wondered how reality is turned into virtual reality? Read on...

Collective - Games

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Spin around London with our 360 degree images including Hampton Court Palace, Eltham Palace and Tower Bridge
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Tower Bridge

The Getaway
PlayStation 2
Games Domain

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Imagine being able to drive around the capital in a black cab, rally drive across Hyde Park or speed round Marble Arch in a Le Mans car, all without paying the congestion charge!

The Getaway Black Monday
Click here to see exclusive making of footage from The Getaway: Black Monday Video

The makers of the new Playstation 2 game, The Getaway - Black Monday, spent 18 months recreating the streets of London.

They've also created some special features which allow game players to take the wheel of a cab, speed across Trafalgar Square on a motorbike and ride a scooter around Soho.

Using still cameras and video Team Soho digitised 25 square miles of the capital including street furniture and shop fronts.

They started out taking pictures of hundreds of buildings between Mayfair and Shoreditch.

Then using computer software they created wireframe models of the areas on top of virtual Ordnance Survey map.

Once this had been completed they wrapped the images around the digital framework.

Liberties takes shape

A lot of the work had been done during the making of the first Getaway game but the team wanted to make sure the capital looked more realistic and that street furniture was exactly where it should be.

They also added in congestion charging symbols and shop front branding to the sequel.

Senior producer Peter Edward said: "The street sites are like a western movie. They don't have wooden slates at the back but they are just the fronts.

"If it's got columns on the front then that will be made into the geometry of the building.

"An enormous amount of effort has gone into them. To give it an authentic London feel."

They also used some distinctive London landmarks in key sections of the game.

Crossness Pump Station, the All Stars Gym on Harrow Road and disused Tube stations all house villains who need dealing with.

The All Stars Gym(left) becomes Shoreditch Boys Club (right) in the game

Peter added: "We had location scouts. If we said we wanted a warehouse they'd find us one that would be fantastic.

"There's a whole section behind the scenes in the Underground. Users can go into the shafts and disused tunnels."

"In terms of gameplay and feel it's absolutely authentic. Piccadilly Circus is Piccadilly Circus", he added.

Writer/narrative producer Katie Ellwood said:"It's not Hollywood, it's London realism with a gangster story.

"In the city the people {in the game} are suited and booted. In Soho they're more funky types." Everyone speaks with either a London accent or one of the many foreign accents."

Also you access the special features you can race around the capital in a number of vehicles or become a black cab driver and pick up fares.

These added extras were included to allow people who have limited time to get a quick 20 minute fix of the game.

Click here to find out what the BBC London Travel presenters thought of the look of London in the game

Crossness Pump Station is another location that is used in the game

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