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13 November 2014

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The Tunics: London Calling

The Tunics loving the live action

The Tunics

South Croydon hands London Calling a brand new indie outfit. Glad rags for good times to come...

Tunesome trio The Tunics are on the cusp of releasing their debut single, The Cost of Living, in December 2008.

It's a song that hears mainman, Joe Costello, contemplate the real cost of freedom on London's streets, " this what free travel costs, a phone and a wallet and a new iPod?", accompanied by an edgy video taking the boys on that old familiar night bus home. Errrgh.

Thankfully, no waiting around for four hours in the freezing cold beforehand, though, and the song nips along at a reliably choppy, poppy, pace.

The Tunics

It's a crazy (golf) rock 'n' roll life

It's a song that sounds as familiar as if it had been on the radio every day for six months already. An instant hit if ever there was one, and with any luck, it will be, justifying our choice in it as the band's London Calling calling card.

Check out their MySpace and you'll find a reassuringly substantial collection for the band's two year history. All too often have great debuts stood on flimsy foundations, but this gang aren't shy of material, with a collection of live videos, blogs and press cuttings, not to mention a few bonus tracks.

Go see 'em when they next play in London. Dates can be found on that MySpace and all the links you need are in the right-hand column of this page.

Listen to the music. Invade the stage. And go love the Tunics as much as we do.

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You are in: London > Radio > 94.9 Information > About Us > The Tunics


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