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28 October 2014

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You are in: Lincolnshire > In Pictures > Webcams > Lincoln Webcam - Ghostcam

Picture from the ghostcam.

Red outlines circle areas of activity

Lincoln Webcam - Ghostcam

"There are other websites I have watched and none of them have as many ghosts as you have in your roof - there is a lot of activity up there." - Margaret Blackwood, a ghost watcher from Stirling in Scotland.

We've set up a state of the art image intensifying camera in the roof of the old Radion Buildings - you can just see the old pillar markings from when the building was used as a cinema - in fact one of the ghost rumours is of an Ice-cream Lady.

Margaret Blackwood got in touch after spotting lots of paranormal activity on the webcam. She sent us in the picture above and tells us she has seen a seaman surrounded by dogs - a terrier, two whippets and a mastiff - at the front of the webcam. Hear what else she has seen and what to look out for:

last updated: 28/04/2008 at 12:08
created: 24/08/2005

Have Your Say

We need your help - If you know of any of the ghost tales to do with this building on Newport, or if you see any ghostly activity let us know.

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

every night i see figures that keep coming and going

toni north
how did you see the ghost's

Amsy from stirling
hi, every body ovisly you need my help so i can do exactly that there is no ghosts they don't even exist

we seen one at the end of our beds

sara king
the Lincoln has had a legend that if you say Mary shaws dolls are ugly you will see a ghostly figure

Amy xx
theres nothing to see apart from a ghostly looking figure on the left.....

If you look just left of centre of the screen, just behing the railing there is a ghostly looking, blurred outline of someone. 15:12 hours. 23/12/2008.

Edward D, Aberaeron
I was watching the ghostcam, when I saw something appear on the cam when I refreshed the page. It was a black outline.

George Grey
You can quite clearly see the outlines of a old and decrepit goat, possible holding a flagon of mead

stephanie dantzler
HI im stephanie the one who send the ghost pic from my camera phone.Im still living at the apt were my camera phone pick up this horrible pic that i try not to think about.Why is it here why did i see that it still scare me.My cat has growled at something by the window before so something is here i believe.

there is something in the top right corner! dun dun duuun! I believe in ghosts big time. I went to a school near a church, serious things happen when your school is over 200 years old!

u can see anything anywher if u r looking spirets r all aroned us we may know it or not but one thing 4 shor they r not here to haert us they just did not fined the light that is why they need our help to tell them. my moms tv is always comeing on by its self an its not because a timer it does it on odd houers or times the dog go's nuts barking at nothing spirets will do a lot 4 atention highing ramots moiveing peenys 2 let us know they r here

stephen currie
up hill lincoln upto newport is jam full of ghosts because there is a lot of very old buildings i area.

xx coolio xx
you have not circled the ghost. the ghost is near the bottom left corner! it is a ghost of a little boy

stephanie Dantzler
help me please.I was talking pics on my celphone while acting silly.When I when to see it.I notice something coming out from the ceiling.Cloudy looking with faces.I will be glad to show you very please.thankyou

I dont belive in ghosts I think its just very silly !

I've seen a lot's of scary pics.But none like this one

when i was 8yrs i was in the bus and i saw a small building all empty and i saw a person looks like a women lookin stray at me that i look the other sight then i look back again there was nothing it was scary for reals

youll see anything if you stare long enough!!rubbish

pat physcic
i c a man i am a physcic and i feel a lot of energyin this room be carful there 1 bad man in the room he angry ok

walking home last night, through castle square and cutting through the back of the catherdral, saw strange figure at top of the scaffolding.

i dont know if this is real or fake :S

I can see a figure in the right hand corner


when i was litlle in the house i used to live in i would see pepole walking through the kitchen and i would hear noises in the atic but only at night all my dreams i had in that house where nightmares and most where very realistick dreams i recintly talked to my older brother and he had similer experinces in the same house he also said that he had a dream that some one was pushing down on his legs and when he woke up there were bruses on his legs.

When i was sleeping. I saw someone standing beside my bed.I thought it was my brother. It's a girl she was holding flower. She called me but i didn't go. It was a real. Not joke.

once i was in vietnam and it was bedtime and i coudn't sleep but soon after that i fell asleep and I wake up about 4.00a.m. and i stood up out of my bed and saw someone starring at me and about 1 minute later it went pass the wall. Not a tale. It happen for real when i was 5 years old.

yenes cedeno
i have seen and heard ghosts in my home. i have pictures of orbs or ghost in alot of of pictures at my home.

I have been in some old buildings when working as a security guard such as the old st'Johns/Harmston Hall and st'Gorges Hospital.But I have never seen or felt that I was being watch!!!

i live in an old church building on mint street lincoln. i didnt really belive in ghosts, but since living here i do. ive seen, heard and felt so many too many things to list here. there are also 18 gravestones in the garden. im not scared, just fascinated

About evey second night, while i'm in bed It feels like someone goes to sit on my bed it happens a couple times a night- Am I just being paranoid?

When i was was on a ghost walk in a town called Gainsborough (east midalnds) we went through "the old hall" which had supposed to have a ghost called the "grey lady" i'm sure i saw her at about 10:45pm so i spoke to the medium and she said it could have been possible. Since then i have had hountings at my house at the exact same time as i saw the "grey lady".

im always getting this cold feeling everytime im alone,as if im being watched by something...and as i turn the light off i see ghostly faces and bodys moving around...and sometimes slight noises...

Georgia and Jasmine
When my dad was in his 30s he woke up one night and he was thirsty.Then he tried to get up but a force was pushing him down.Then when he looked up he saw a ghostly figure and i have many other tales to tell you.

i cant see anything .......... hehe. but i do belive in ghosts........

please move the camera to the left...there has been more activity seen when veiwing in that direction.

Firsty. If you dont believe you wont see. I am 20 years old and i have seen things since i was very young it runs in my family and i also attend the spirtitualist churches etc Secondly why does eveyone refere to people who have past as ghosts they are spirits lost souls when you say ghost it sounds scary. AsryanHunter - If you are scared tell them in your head to please take a step back because they are scaring you you will find you wont be as scared in your bedroom the thing that people have to remember is that some spirits have not been able to cross some spirits do not even know that they are dead.

Kizza Glendon
I can see a dog sat on the chair

i do believe in ghosts...but you really can't see much on here.

**** amy ****
not very scary i could see somthing but it werent scary

I have never seen ghosts, but I have heard them. It is not as scary as it seems.

georgina beattie
my nanna seen a ghost it was in a ware house she had a long dress and frilly cap.

i do not belive in ghosts my mom and dad watch ghost shows all the time it scary but ithink it is not real

i don't see anything just some red lines

nothing happened i watched it for 5 hours

i have been watching it nd i cant see a ting

can somebody(on site)please identify what is on the chair as it is bugging me and I want to know what it is ! thankyou!

Still not seen owt.......... Is there ever anything there???

there is a man waving in the front of the screen can you see him

is there realy any thing there i meen come on

asryanhunter you asked if someone is spying on you or if you are paranoid. The answer is of course that you are paranoid and probably in urgent need of help from a doctor or psychiatrist. You're just not well luvvy and you need help.

mohit shukla
my mother was playing with her brother's and she was out in a game she was going to her house and she saw fire on a building she hurried to her brothers and she got back near the building in half-a minute and she found the building normal . it was odd , there was not even a line of fire not even ash , nothing was there....

I don't belive in ghosts. The camera shows reflection more than likely. Utter rubbish.

Dave "there are bugs on me" Betty
Peeps, are you saying that clouds are really ghosts?

The problem with ghost cams are that too many pixel changes make you think you are seeing something when in actual fact its just those naughty pixels making shapes. You look at them and make of them what your mind wants, its a bit like watching clouds and saying what you see!

i think its all a load of nonsence because where the camera sensed movement could have been a tiny fly or something

wow some people have way too much time on their hands and really over-active imaginations!

Braxton Taylor
I have seen a ghost in the background of my picture and the ghost was just sitten there and was looking at me in the picture.

also looking at the Cathedral WestFront webcam there is a fuzzy image obscuring the LHS of the maybe there is more to see than just the Radion Building...

have just had a look at Lincoln Castle webcam and there appears to be something interesting just above and to the left of the stone arch....could it be a ghostly face ???

i am scepticall about ghosts

Well i have had ghosts in my house. It started off when my brother and my mum where arguing a lot every day when two objects off the wall flew past my brothers head just in inch away from his head. it went soo fast if it had hit him, well i think it would of knocked him out. i've heard footsteps really loud footsteps. when my mum went on holiday i think he or she wasn't happy

i was in a house one day and supposeably it was i went in to not hear or see anything but when i went upstairs and heared a noise i stopped still.then all of a sudden the floorboards started to creak and one of the downstairs windows smashed to the ground so i ran as fast as i could and never returned to the house again.

jasmine newyork
once i walked passed the builiding and it felt like someone was folowing me so i hid in the allyway by the building and suddenly this big breeze brushed by me and it was like a little girl about 7years old walked passed me with ragged clothes and she went to turn around the corner then looked at me and stared for a second then dissaperd from now on everytime i go past i hate it

21/09/06. 14:50:30 something middle-left? looks like a human form laying on side with arms in front..anybody see it ?

Lilli, Be content with the fact that you know he is there. To actually spend your life seeing ghosts as I do is sometimes a very scary ordeal.

could the person(s) who set up the camera please identify the object on the seat of the right hand chair, as it is there everytime I look at the image, and must be a solid object or a stain on the fabric of the chair !

have just seen image of a man in centre top of picture just to right of date caption timed at 10:01:08 30/08/06.

Chris Kaye, Chicago, IL
This electronic newspaper out of Lincolnshire is one of the best I have ever seen - kudos to the webmasters and contentmasters! I just wanted to say that this particular ghost cam is very good - very active. I wonder why there are so many animals. For the past few days there have been lots of solar flares and geomagnetic storms - this will increase paranormal activity. Now 8/29/06, is a great time to watch. Love to all you U.K.ers, Christina

today i heard the explanation of Dave Wharmby from the Bassetlaw Ghost Research Group on what are ghosts!! and i am amazed! i think that i found an answer to my question ! where the hell our minds and souls go when we die??? it cant die it cant fade it CANT!! and there he says ghosts are energies within us and within our minds!!that sounded interesting and convincing to me!my father died and i cant except the idea that he is not around! i feel he is around but cant find a proof!!! i wish i can!

i always ask my self is it what we believe we want to see that some people see it? for me i always have this feeling something around but is it what i want to fell?!!! is it all about faith? belief? or eye vision? imagination? who knows but there must be something

p hopkin
i work in a prison somtimes at night and we have a entety on one of the wings a lot of pepole have seen this but no one will come forword and addmit this is there such things and if the truth is out there some one find it

Philip Marshall
"it takes a lot of time and patience"?! Haven't you got anything better to do than watch an empty room on the internet!

hey i dont believe

I hate this site but love it too! it scares me soooo much and i find it hard to sleep at night but the frill of actually mayb seein a ghost makes me some bac on ere over n over again lol

Is it me or does that look like a person on the very left towards the back?

I believe I've found a ghost. I just moved back to my actual home in Pittsburgh PA in the USA, and I'm frightened to go to sleep without having the fear that I won't wake the next morning. Knowing that there are spirits everywhere around me scares me. I'm very sensitive to noises. I'm not sure if I'm paranoid or if someone really is spying on me while I lay in my bedroom. Can anyone help ease me feelings?

It's a very active webcam. You just need a bit of patience but I've been rewarded a couple of times with images of what can only be described as paranormal activity.

You are in: Lincolnshire > In Pictures > Webcams > Lincoln Webcam - Ghostcam

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