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24 September 2014

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The Guildhall
The Guildhall

Leicestershire's Most Haunted

BBC Leicester sent resident wimp Joanna Bostock to explore Leicestershire's most haunted places. Listen and read our top five and watch CCTV footage of the Guildhall ghost...if you think you're brave enough!

As it's that spooky time of year when tradition suggests our world is supposed to be closest to the spirit world, BBC Leicester decided we should hunt out Leicestershire's most terrifying tales and haunted houses.

Here's our short list of the top five most creepy places. You may want to read with the light on...

Grace Dieu

Grace Dieu
Grace Dieu

Grace Dieu Priory near Thringstone is rumoured to be haunted by the famous 'White Lady' – a female figure with no facial features.

audio Listen: Most Haunted - Grace Dieu >
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'The White Lady' has often been seen crossing the road junction from Belton to the bus shelter. In fact a bus driver once stopped to pick up a woman in white only for her to disappear when the bus doors opened!

A popular explanation goes that the founder of Grace Dieu Priory, Roesia de Verdun, takes the form of a ghost after her remains were disturbed at the beginning of the 19th Century.

It's not just outside that ghostly happening occur: once a member of the district council was pushed over by an invisible force in the priory and refused to ever work there again!

Belgrave Hall

Belgrave Hall
Belgrave Hall

In 1998 Belgrave Hall seemed to grab the attention of the whole world when, for the first time ever, a ghost had seemingly been caught on CCTV.

audio Listen: Most Haunted - Belgrave Hall >
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A group of paranormal investigated decided that the video was probably an environmental coincidence, such as a leaf falling in front of the camera, but there's still a few things that don't add up…

And it's not just a spooky video that puts Belgrave Hall in the running for Leicestershire's most haunted place – odd smells, hushed voices, creepy footsteps and apparitions of Victorian ladies all lend a hand!

Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park
Bradgate Park

Any true Leicestershire man or woman worth their salt will know about the legend of Lady Jane Grey. But did you know, some people still believe she's still around in the county?

audio Listen: Most Haunted - Bradgate Park >
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She's said to haunt the ruins at Bradgate Park particularly in a carriage pulled by horses between the old church and the ruins of her home.

Another ghostly carriage has been seen in the area by a Milkman on his early round. The vehicle was seen to go across Cropton Road straight into the reservoir – yet no splash was heard!

The Talbot Inn

The Talbot Inn
The Talbot Inn

The Talbot Inn in Belgrave was believed to have served criminals on the way to being hung their last meal (or rather ale!)

audio Listen: Most Haunted - The Talbot Inn >
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It is possible that the outbuilding of the Inn was once used as a make-do medical research room, where the bodies of the dead prisoners were explored... lovely!

This is possibly why several dark figures have been seen drifting around the Inn’s gardens.

Inside the actual pub many a ghostly presence has been witnessed including the apparitions of a young boy and a woman brushing her hair, chilly spots, and pool balls knocking together apparently on their own.

The Guildhall

Inside the Guildhall
Inside the Guildhall

The Guildhall has played host to many a ghost over the years, but recently there has been a lot of interest in a CCTV clip that's appears to show a spectre crawling across the floor whilst the room fills with a bright light.

audio Listen: Most Haunted - The Guildhall >
video Watch: Guildhall Ghost via CCTV >
Audio and Video links on this page require Realplayer

A White Lady is reported to take residency in the hall's library where the pages of a bible are regularly turned to a passage in Deuteronomy which deals with witchcraft and divination.

In the Mayor's Parlour locked doors have been known to spring open on their own and visitors have reported feeling an oppressive force entering them… spooky!

Take a look at our Most Haunted Gallery - photographs of Leicestershire's most spooky spots...

last updated: 31/10/06
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