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24 September 2014

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Weird Leeds

Haunted Leeds
Haunted Leeds, are you scared?

Spooky or what?

By Ivor Ghostinthehaus
It's around Hallowe'en and as thoughts turn ghostly... we take a quick peek (through our fingers) at some of the reputedly haunted sites in Leeds.

Blue Lady

Location: Temple Newsam
The blue lady is the best known ghost (there are reputed to be others including a monk in brown robes, a Knight Templar, a small boy who climbs from out a cupboard, and a non-descript misty form). Apparently Screams have been heard from the South Wing, as have the sounds of something, or someone, heavy being dragged across the floor.

Mary Ingram's whose portrait has hung above the fireplace in The Green Damask Room since at least 1862,  is traditionally said to be The Blue Lady. She was returning home by carriage one night when she was attacked and robbed
by highwaymen. As a result she became deranged and for ever afterwards obsessed with hiding herpossessions. Sightings have seen  her hunting for her lost belongings, and occasionally she is felt brushing past people on the stairs


Location:  Kirkstall Abbey
The former Abbot of the abbey walks the area that has been converted into a museum. Apparently it is more usual to hear the spirit moving around than see him.

Gabble Retchets

Location: Leeds
It is said these local devil dogs are believed to be the souls of those who weren't baptised as children, and have returned to haunt their parents.

Unhappy Butler

Location: Carnegie College, Leeds Met
According to legend a man his own life when he realised that his mistress would never love him. His body was found at the bottom of the large spiral staircase in the college, and it is the same area that he still haunts.

CCTV Figure

Location: East Ardsley Conservative Club
This recent apparition was supposed to have materialised by the doorway of the club - apparently it could be seen quite clearly on the CCTV network, but not directly by human eyes. The entity vanished after several minutes, though made a very brief reappearance a month later.


Location: City Varieties
It is rumoured two ghosts have made a home of this theatre - one plays the piano late at night, the other is an unknown lady who brings with her a zone of cold.

Cloaked figure

Location: Drighlington
Lumb Hall was reputedly haunted by a ghost. He has appeared as a cloaked figure said to be like a Civil War uniform but more frequently heard making a shuffling noise at the front door.


The Yorkshire Witch, Mary Bateman, is one of Leeds' most notorious villains. In 1803 Mary poisoned three people living in a draper's shop near St Peter's Square in Quarry Hill. As soon as they were dead she robbed the house and shop.  Six years later she was hanged at York for the murder, by poisoning, of Rebecca Perigo, the wife of a Bramley clothier. Mary's body was dissected in public to raise funds for the Infirmary. Her skeleton is now kept in the Thackery Medical Museum.

last updated: 25/08/05
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Have you seen any of the above spirits or had a ghostly experience? Or maybe you want to introduce a rational explanation.
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I can tell you absolutely that Mrs. Mackie does not haunt Kerr Mackie school. Kerr Mackie was my uncle and Mrs. Mackie (his mum) was a wee Glasgow person who would be haunting Glasgow if anywhere!

Emma scrafton
I was with my mate in hunslet and a old women was stood there who looked like my grandma.And she called my name.

My cousion dies 2 years ago, i ahve seen her in Farrow Hill House in Amrley twice stood next to the kitchen door. Alos my Auntie has seen her sat on end of her bed.

jennifer burton
we had a ghost in are house at Middleton leeds .,I chuck all of my clothes outside the bathroom door ,while i was having a bath ,when i was finished all of my clothes was neatly put into piles nobody else was in the house.Around november time he is beside of the bed looking down at uswhile we are asleep,as he wakes us up touching us ,he was friendly, we were the only people to live in the house the longest time ,as the other tenneants did not last a year,the neighbours told us the story of the ghost in MIDDLETON LEEDS.WE KNOW IT WAS TRUE.BURTONS

I'm beginning to investigate into the possibility that the Cardigan Arms pub on Kirkstall Road is haunted. On the evening of Friday 13 October, 2006, three separate people claimed to have experienced something paranormal in the female toilets. One of these girls reported having seen a middle-aged to elderly lady, with long, straight grey hair, as a brief reflection in the mirror. When she looked round, there was no one there. Another waited for someone to finish using the toilet, but when it flushed and the door to the cubicle unlocked, there was nobody there.

I've had a couple of rather strange experiences in the Temple Newsam Area that i cannot explain but cannot seem to find a website to further explore these sightings

Michale Rayne
My friend works at Leeds General infirmary there are many ghosts there 1st the ghost of a matron who walks the corridor outside what was once a peadiatric ward when she walked it meant a child would die. 2nd The ghost of a staff nurse who walks the hospitals old sight she has been thought to administer medications and move objects around she even moved a patient from one ward to another she died in strange circumstances but dosnt know it.

Chris Long
Also the ghost of kirkstall abbey (the mad monk as we once called him) is that of a lay brother whom went mad after his brother was killed by highway men on his way from fountains abbey the monk went mad with guilt and began carving his brothers initials into the abbey grounds these can still be seen in the small bench nooks around the ruins.

Chris Long
I used to attend lawnswood high school there was a ghost in the old west building of a young girl who drowned in the schools swimming pool. she was often heard playing the piano in the west hall

john rhodes
my grandfather died in a house in eden crescent 30 years ago i lived there with my partner just after and we often saw him standing in the corner smiling.

my nana works at nostal priory in a very old house the house keper said to some of the staff but nobody was in there in the grounds the house keaper went in the house but other peole have seen is spooky

Spirits of dead relatives follow my family and me all over the place. Lods of silly, inexplainable things happen in our house. We often smell cigarette smoke even though no one in out house smokes anymore!!! The truth is out there

It can't be the abbot of Kirkstall if he's waering a brown habit. The abbot of a Cistercian house was always a choir monk, and Cistercian choir monks wore a white habit with a black scapular. The lay brothers, however, did wear a brown habit...

I was going to bed last week and as I walked through the door i saw a boy i said who are you? He dident reply so i asked again then i noticed he wasent a normal boy he was a ghost he dissapeared i havent been to bed since i cant not with him there the ghost of my bed.

Nikki and Beth
We where walking to morisons when we saw a figure he looked like our great grandfather billy.

i told my friends about the bue lady as my older sisters had told me. I told them on the day we were having a class trip there. We were so not scared!

I was at the temple newsem and I felt a draft of air on my arm then I looked on my arm and I saw a lady walking around I told my mum and when she came the lady had gone.

One day we came home from somewhere i cant remember where cause it was a couple of years ago but my mum had left somthing on the table and when we came home it was not on the table it was next to the frige my mum said she hadent moved it my dad said he hadent moved it and i said i had but i haddent i said i did cause it was sooooo spooky but i never moved it al all!!

Ashleigh and abbie
We were playing out out near morrisons car park in hunslet when we saw this blured figure we looked again and saw a boy he looked pale and very young about 6 years old he was there for about 3 seconds and he dissapeard we have not seen him since.

chloe lord

We was driving down methley lane when we saw a boy crossing the road in front of us so we slowed down when we looked again th boy had dissapeared.


luke armitage
i am in theater group at city varieties i do the summer youth projects at city varieties i have seen the ghosts they come to watch.

I've had a few experiences of the ghostly sort. mostly in a pub in tingley where they say the old cellar man george still works away through the night. heavy doors opening on their own, glasses tidied away over night, strange smells, cold drafts, chairs on tables in the morning that were not there the night before. SPOOKAAAY.

I resently visited Temple Newsom House with my daughters class,on a school trip.We had a great day with no ghostly encounters. However,some 20+years ago my Dad was delivering pipes for plumbing work being done.His collegue who was doing the work wasnt there.My Dad asked where he was,the Staff said they'd found him in a state, refusing to work.He'd seen a lady go through a wall. (The BlueLady).

i would just like to say that i am a medium so therefore i do strongly believe in ghosts as i have had many experiences with them, but u must remember over the years i hav made many friends who are in the science carrer, together we have proved much in the paranormal but also proved alot of stuff through science so if u think u hav had a paranormal experince then check out every veiw in science first. I have had many experiences where science just hasnt been ale to explain, yet other times it has

I was sitting down one evening in my flat in Armley and my cat was sat in front of me, when i looked at her there was a misty hand stroking her, i also feel the presence of someone there sometimes, i believe its a nice ghost?!

sophie w
we was driving down blue bell hill to see my horse and then we saw a drummer boy floating across the road he was white and pale he was wearing a scottish uniform then we stopped and heard him drumming his drums.

Lizza D
Hi all ghost hunter fans!, it is true, ghosts are for real! but my advice is don't approach them, leave well alone, they want a quiet life/death too....

Re Johns account of ghost in Kirkgate health & beauty shop I worked there & was aware of ghostly events.Also above this was a hairdressers with a connecting corridor to the beauty shops staff room this too was haunted. history has it that the alley way at the side of the shop (leading to the rear of the corn exchange) was haunted by old woman in a shawl and this is what the lad in the cellar of the shop saw.

I lived at 1, Trentham Place when I was a child in the 60's, the house was haunted my Mum and Nana were also aware of it.When I was first married I lived in the upstairs flat of 10 Middleton Park Avenue I think it was a poltergeist that haunted us, it was very frightening, also both my husband and my Mum saw an old lady in the flat,this was 1973-74 I would be interested to know if anyone else exoerienced anything at either of these addresses.

joe mackolrayth
i saw a person up mi attic an it just said "get lost i don't like you he was my dad" but my dad was at mi cousins house!

when i was about 9 my house was haunted one night my little sister was crying in bed so i went to see her as i walked in a lady sed my name from the corner of my room so we both turned our head to see where the voise came from but there was no one there and another time i was tring to go to sleep and i turned over and saw a lady standing at the bottom of my bed looking out the window which at first i thought was my mum but then i realized that it wasnt i put my head under the covers when i looked back she had gone ive never been so scared in my life .

Copperfields college in cross green is haunted. When me and a few mates were makin people brews at one parents evenin in yr 8, we heared all the pans drop on the floor at the other end of the kitchen.(the kitchens ran the full length of the school)Everyone turned round and looked at us coz it made them jump. a teacher came over and told us to go see if anyone was down there been stupid, so when all 3 of us went down, there wasnt one pan on the floor! the teachers locked up the kitchens and pulled all the shutters down. The following day a teacher who has worked there ever since it was built in the 50's said she knew a lad who hung himself in there one nite after school coz he was been bullied. also an old man used to sit in the big well in the middle of the school and wave at pupils before disappearing, so they covered the well with a floor!!!

i was coming home from work in the early hours of the morning about half 4, i was in a taxi with a friend and we were driving up kirkstall road and then turned at the traffic lights to go 2 bramley (sorry i dont no the names of the roads very well) wen i looked out of the window and saw the ghost of a young to middle aged woman all in white walking along the path at the side of the road next to an old wall that runs all the way along the road, she was coming frm the phone box and walking away from it with her head down the only other person who saw her was the taxi driver and he didnt believe in them untill now. i have seen this lady a number off times now and she always seems to be around the phone box..... i have also seen a strange mist on the pelican crossing, what looks like a little boy or girl running accross the road just abit further up from where the lady has been seen and at the traffic lights at the end of kirkstall lane.

luke robson
At kirkstall abbey museum i was going to the abbey when i looked through the the window and a white figure flow past me it was scary

L. Hill
Many years ago I was waiting for my girlfriend at the junction of St Annes Lane/Kirkstall Lane. At the opposite side of Kirkstall Lane, corner of Queenswood Drive, a young woman was standing by a telephone kiosk.Hearing some footsteps behind me, thinking it was my date, I glanced around, seeing it wasn't her, I looked back across the road but the waiting woman was no longer there. The kiosk was isolated, there were no houses or any type of cover for at least 20-30 yards around, no one could have dissapeared in the second or two it took me to glance around. I thought it strange so to satisfy myself that I wasn't dreaming I walked across the road to check behind the kiosk. There was no-one there. When my girl finally arrived I told her, she agreed with me that it was very strange. Some time later I was told that a young woman , who had been waiting for a telehone call at this kiosk, had been knocked down and killed by a car as she was crossing Kirkstall lane. This happened in the 1960s and I still think I saw this young woman's ghost.

There was a warehouse on the Farnely Fireclay industrial estate in the early 1980s where I was a cleaner. Over a period of months I was 'haunted' by a poltergeist. There was loud banging, and things moved around very mysteriously.

teri power
i have seen a ghost, i was sleeping and then a woke up to a moaning sound, and i saw a little boy in my mirror, and he was bleeding

David Wardle
Many years ago I was told of the "Blue Lady" at Temple Newsome House.It said that a Tram was at the terminus at the house when the conductor noticed the figure of a Blue Lady and went to investigate, but when he got there she had vanished.On returning to the tram he noticed that the grill on the front of the tram was broken, so he fixed it.When the tram was on it's return journey to Leeds city centre the tram hit a young boy but because the front grill on the tram had been repaired the boy was pushed to oneside and lived.Was the "Blue Lady" trying to tell the conductor that this was going to happen.

I was at home in bed and i heard a keyboard typing so i got up and found out there was no-one there and the next morning i went to my computer and there was a message there saying:i will be back don't be afraid!

There was a reported ghost experience a good number of years back in the basement of a health and beauty shop on kirgate. I remember the lad because he attended the same school as myself, he was so traumatised that he needed hospital treatment i think it was a spectre walking through a wall or something.

I have been told about a haunted house in Monkswood Rise, Seacroft. The family even turned to a priest to exorcise the property, but the results of the exorcism lasted just three days before the family was forced to flee in 1990.

Anne Sigsworth
One night me and my husband John was driving home on the A 61 just past Wood Lane rothwell, you come to a dip in the road when we both saw a glowing mist Appear in front of us we stopped the car and watched as it just floated across the road 5 yards in front of us. And disapeared through the wall at the side of the road

MR Richard Hall

Mick T
the abbot has been seen on many occasions walking through the Hark To Rover pub on spen lane, he walks from one room to the other. he wears a brown habit with the hood covering his face

well my teacher in primary said she was doing an audition she was waiting to play her instrument in the hall when she heard the piano so she went up to the music room but there was no one there but the keys moving she then told a teacher but he didnt believe her. there was supposed to be a teacher who was in a wheelchair who got pushed down the stairs by a pupil and the teacher died. it is believed that he haunts the school. location is 1 of morleys high school.

someone round here has been on too much plonk. Blue lady , more like Blue nun !

G Dixon
Hi, I don't know how to start but well i never believed in ghosts until just before Xmas. I work in a pub in Hunslet, called the Wellington. On Boxing Day night me and the landlady Cath were locking up the pub i was having my staff drink. There was a quarter of a pint left in the glass, Cath checked the upstairs room while I locked the back door. We both heard the sound of glasses been picked up. I thought it was Cath and Cath thought it was me. When we both got back to the table, my glass had gone - we looked round the pub and there was no sign of it. We looked in the glass washer and the glass was there it was the only one not washed all the others were clean even though we had emptied it. Since then other customers have seen and heard other ghostly goings on from doors opening by themselves to nuts flying from behind the bar!!

Tyler White
My grandfather passed away in march and eversince m family has been plauged with electrical problems and in the area of the kitchen and living room there have been many cold spots and ghostly apparitions

me and my friend went to temple newsam as we are interested in anything ghostly. As we were walking down a corridor the temperature fell rapidly but we thought that the heating must have been switched off and carried on. My friend took two photos of the corridor one after the other. When we got the photos back there is a huge orb (light anomily/1st manifestation of a ghost) in the middle of the corridor (there was no mirror or light in this part) and on the next photo there was nothing to be seen just a clear corridor. I told my mum about this spooky event and she told me she had gone to visit the house whilst having me and felt someone brush past her when there was nobody there and the temperature went from humid summer temperature to cool and draughty - we are sure there is a ghost in that corridor!!

one day we was sat at home and we heard a glass smash but nothing was smashed and nobody was upstairs, me and my friend was at home playing on a bouncey castle and we shouted my mum and a deep voice came from upstairs but nobody was upstairs, something turn the cd player on and it wasnt switched on on the plug

Neil Spencer
How can the ghost at Kerr Mackie school be of his Grandmother. He didn't found the school, it was biult as a tribute to him. Surely it would be him!

Emmeline & Alice Cockshutt
We think that ghosts are real and mysterious,we'd like to see a real one some day even though we probably never will!

Charlotte Prince
The Grim Reeper Location:Where Death is in The air.The Grim reeper is a Dirty old Skeleton Who has been around since the beginning of the universe.He has old bits of rotting flesh dangaling from His Body but to cover that he wears a long Black cape rather like a monks that has a huge mysterious hood to hide his face.He carries a huge Axe.When he finds a dying person or creature Who hasn't been good to others in life he uses the Axe to finish them off Then when they are dead he also uses the Axe to chop them up and shove their dead body pieces into the Lava hole he makes in the floor.Don't forget he's still around now and always so you might be next if you don't watch out it's hard to escape him you Know!!!!!


Joe North
at kerr mackie school there used to be numerous sighting of a "blue lady" reportedly the granmother of the school's founder kerr mackie my son we one of those who say the blue lady

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