Phần 5

In the final session of Unit 5 we join Phil and friends in their round-the-world adventure. Then it's time to revise this week's session with the Weekly Quiz.

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The Race: Episode 5 - Phil's audio diary

Can this trip get any harder? The crew are trying to find their way around the world without their satellite navigation system. Passepartout has hit his head and needs medical help. They must find land soon – but where?

You can hear a summary of what happens here. If you don't want to know what happens, listen to the whole of episode 5 first on the next page.

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Dear Diary,

We made it to Reunion Island and Passepartout got to the hospital to get the cut on his head fixed. I got the satnav fixed and went shopping. A very kind man gave me a bag of local coffee beans to take home. Everything was going well until we got back to the port and found our yacht had been stolen. We are now stuck in Reunion. What can we do?


Listen to the whole of episode 5 of The Race.

Phần Ngữ pháp

    • If you must do something, it is necessary for you to do it, but this is often your opinion or a rule that you have made yourself.

      If you have to do something, it is necessary for you to do it. It's a law, an obligation or a fact.

      If you don't have to do something, it isn't necessary to do it, but you can if you want.

      If you mustn't do something, it means 'don't do it'. It is necessary not to do it.

Session Vocabulary

  • supplies 
    (here) food and other things you must have for daily living

    buy something

    given to a customer, client or guest for free

    things you buy on a trip or holiday to help you remember your visit

    cost an arm and a leg
    (was) very expensive