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Have you ever looked at a job advertisement and wondered what the advertisers were looking for? Have you ever been confused by questions in a job interview? In this session we look at some job-related jargon - words and phrases that have a special meaning related to a particular topic - and here the topic is jobs! Don't miss your chance to improve your knowledge of this tricky vocabulary!

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Understanding job adverts

The ideal candidate will be...

Have you ever read a job advertisement and been totally confused about what they want? Sometimes it can be hard to understand the words and phrases in job ads - so we're going to help you! We've got three examples of job adverts for you to read. The meanings of their tricky words and phrases are in the vocabulary box. Then you can test your understanding with a quiz!

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To do

Joe, Ismail and Wang Fei are all looking for work. Read the information about them and then take a look at the job adverts. Which job would be best for each of our job-hunters?

  • Joe is a school leaver looking for his first job. He's very keen to learn as much as possible about the world of work and is always happy to help people and try new things.
  • Ismail has a degree in English and speaks several languages fluently. He wants to work for a company that will give him lots of support in his career.
  • Wang Fei speaks Chinese, Arabic and English. He's good at planning and organising.

Advert 1: Marketing Assistant (Publishing)

We are seeking an experienced and enthusiastic Marketing Assistant, with proven communication skills, both on the telephone and face-to-face, to work in our Beijing office. The Assistant will provide administrative support to Marketing Managers within the China team.

We are a leading international publisher of award-winning and innovative books and digital products for all ages, in subjects from gardening to photography, geography, science and many more.

Responsibilities will include liaising with internal departments, advertisers and customers, and drafting advertising campaigns.

The ideal candidate must be results-orientated and fluent in both spoken and written Mandarin Chinese and English. Knowledge of another Asian language would be an advantage. The candidate must have excellent organisational and interpersonal skills.

Advert 2: English Teacher

If you are a creative and dynamic teacher of English who:

  • loves the subject
  • is keen to learn and develop professionally
  • can work as part of a team
  • wants to make a real difference for young people

We can offer you:

  • support within a highly successful English department
  • experience in a school committed to continuous improvement
  • every opportunity to develop your professional skills

Applications from NQTs and more experienced colleagues welcome.

Advert 3: General Assistant

We are recognised for our high standards of service and you’ll play a key role in upholding these as one of our general assistants. In short, you’ll turn your hand to anything to do with the smooth running of the store. This could involve everything from serving customers to replenishing stock and supporting colleagues. So if you’re a good communicator who takes pride in delivering excellent customer service and is a team player, we’d like to hear from you

To do

Did you get it? The best job for Joe would be the General Assistant. Ismail might be right for the teaching job and Wang Fei looks good for the Marketing Assistant job.

Now let's have a closer look. Time to check your understanding. Have a go at our quiz!

Which job...?

5 Questions

Let's test your understanding of the adverts. Try these questions and see if you can get them all right!

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Now you've checked your understanding of these adverts, it's time to look at some of the vocabulary in more detail. Try another quiz in the next activity!

Session Vocabulary

  • enthusiastic
    showing a lot of interest and enjoyment

    in person

    administrative support
    help with tasks like writing reports and organising meetings

    (here) one of the best

    introducing new ideas or original thinking

    meeting or working with

    internal departments
    other departments in the same organisation

    writing the first version of something


    thinking about and working towards the best possible results

    (here) able to use language well

    positive and full of energy

    showing enthusiasm

    committed (to something)
    willing (to do something)

    professional skills
    the skills you need to do a job

    stands for: Newly Qualified Teachers: teachers in their first year of teaching

    key role
    an important part

    in short

    turn your hand to something
    try something, do a task that you don't normally or regularly do

    (here) replacing items on the shelves of a shop when they have been sold

    team player
    someone who works well in a team