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Are you working towards an important exam? We're here to help with a series of videos that pick out some top tips for studying and taking exams.

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Exam skills: 6 tips to help improve your grammar

Good grammar makes good English

We all know that grammar is important- it helps you make sentences and this helps you to communicate your ideas. In order to improve your English you must improve your grammar. But how can you best do that?

Watch this video to find out six top tips to help you improve your grammar. Then test your understanding in our quiz.

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We all know that grammar is important - it helps you make sentences and this helps you to communicate your ideas. In order to improve your English you must improve your grammar. But how can you best do that? Out top tips are here to help.

One approach is to learn grammar in the traditional way by studying the language in class or using grammar books or online grammar resources. In this way you break grammar down into small areas, studying rules carefully, practising them by completing grammar exercises, and finally using the new rules when communicating in English.

For some, this method is good for completing grammar tests, but not so good for improving their language when speaking or writing. So another approach is to use the language as frequently as possible.  Surround yourself with English speakers – listen to them speak and then join in.

Sometimes you will find that you don't know how to say something. This gap in your knowledge gives you the perfect opportunity to identify new grammar you need to learn. You can then either ask someone for help or research it.

Once you find out the new way of saying something, make sure you practise as much as possible – otherwise, you will forget. This teacher agrees…

My point of view is that first you have to learn as much as you can on grammar, and then you focus in other skills to brush up on your language. Practising all the time is the best way to succeed!

Some people learn grammar by reading and listening to something that they find interesting. But they don’t just listen and read for information, they look carefully at how sentences are structured. This helps them see new grammar rules that they can use themselves when speaking or writing in English.

Keep studying the basic blocks of grammar – be confident with the parts of speech and build on them and pay particular attention to tenses. Get your grammar right and you'll be well on your way to using the English language successfully. Good luck!


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Here's a summary of our tips to help you improve your grammar:

  1. Study using traditional methods, or....
  2. Speak English as frequently as possible
  3. Identify new grammar you need to learn
  4. Practise what you learn
  5. Identify sentence structures
  6. Keep studying the basic blocks of grammar

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So what did you discover? Find out by taking our test…

How can you help yourself improve your grammar?

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Our BBC Learning English 6 Minute Grammar podcasts can also help you improve your grammar.

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Have you got any tips about learning strategies and exam preparation that you can share with us? Please email them to us at with 'Exam Skills' in the subject line. We will post our favourites here and on our Facebook page. Please note that we can’t reply to individual emails, but we do read all of them.

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