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Are you working towards an important exam? We're here to help with a series of videos that pick out some top tips for studying and taking exams.

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Exam skills: 8 tips from you about studying and exams

You shared your tips with us

We've all experienced the pain and joy of studying and taking exams. Our top tips have hopefully helped you along the way but we've also asked you to share your advice with us.

Watch this video to hear eight of your top tips to help you with studying and taking exams. Then test your understanding in our quiz.

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We've all experienced the pain and joy of studying and taking exams. Our top tips have hopefully helped you along the way but we've also asked you to share your advice with us and now we can hear what some of you have been saying…

Melody, in Shaanxi province, China told us about not studying too hard…

Take a break after one hours revision, don't make your brain work for too long or it will diminish your memory. But all in all, if we revise and practise properly, we will surely improve.

So study well in shorter spells and don't overdo it. Next, Haridan in Malaysia, told us about his approach to learning in class…

When I attended the classes, I always sat at the front seat where I was close to the whiteboard and teachers. I wanted to concentrate on what the teachers taught. If I did not understand something, I seldom asked the teachers questions.  I preferred to go to a library and search for what I wanted to know.

And Ibrahim has some more advice for the classroom...

Take notes and review them on a regular basis – it's very important.

Lily from Japan sent us a good tip about studying alone…

First I go to the library at school to collect books which help my assignment. And then I go home, and study by myself. Don't forget to read them ALOUD. Reading something aloud is a good way to understand. Next I ask teachers about things I didn't understand to make them clearer.

And here's a fun tip about how to remember vocabulary, from Veronica in Madrid…

I am a music lover, so my technique is to study new vocabulary in English by singing my favourite songs with the lyrics of the songs in front of me. I encourage you to practise this method from 15 to 30 minutes a day and then, you will see how your English will improve day by day in an impressive way!

And this is what Diardano has to say about learning new words…

I think it's useful not only to write the new word on your notes but also, try to figure out the synonyms and build sentences with it.

Ramin's top tip is an easy one to follow…

Learn the basics of a language and then start watching TV shows, movies and songs relevant to that language. As I experienced, it's the greatest way of improving and not forgetting a language.

Finally, here's a tip that we love from Ali…

The best source to learn English is to subscribe to immediately!

We can't disagree. Thank-you to everyone for sending in your top tips. It's good to learn from each other. Good luck in your studies, exams and beyond.


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Here's a summary of some of your tips about studying:

  1. Take a break after one hour's revision (from Melody in China)
  2. Listen to but don't distract the teacher (from Haridan in Malaysia)
  3. Take notes and review them (from Ibrahim)
  4. Read your books aloud (from Lily in Japan)
  5. Sing your favourite songs (from Veronica in Spain)
  6. Build sentences with new vocabulary (from Diardano)
  7. Watch English TV/Listen to English music (from Ramin)
  8. Use (from Ali)

Thanks to everyone who sent in a top tip. We have been sharing them on our Facebook page.

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So what did you discover? Find out by taking our test…

Study tips: What have we learnt from you?

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Have you got any tips about learning strategies and exam preparation that you can share with us? Please email them to us at with 'Exam Skills' in the subject line. We will post our favourites here and on our Facebook page. Please note that we can’t reply to individual emails, but we do read all of them.

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Next, join us for News Review, where we'll bring you key words and phrases from the latest stories and show you how to use it in your everyday English.

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