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  • تکمیل شده

    Notting Hill Carnival

    Episode 150902 / 02 Sep 2015

    One of the world's biggest festivals hits the streets of London

  • تکمیل شده

    Plastic art

    Episode 150826 / 26 Aug 2015

    The art of recycling. Find out how plastic bags are being turned into pictures

  • تکمیل شده

    Snakes in a cafe

    Episode 150819 / 19 Aug 2015

    New cafe in Tokyo offers customers the opportunity to hold a snake. Watch the video

  • تکمیل شده

    Underwater clean-up

    Episode 150812 / 12 Aug 2015

    Reducing plastic rubbish on Britain's beaches. Clean-up group gets busy in Cornwall

  • تکمیل شده

    Surfing dogs

    Episode 150805 / 05 Aug 2015

    Pets take to the waves at a Californian event. Watch the video and learn new words

  • تکمیل شده

    Plant energy

    Episode 150729 / 29 Jul 2015

    Could your garden be a source of green energy? Scientists use electricity from plants

  • تکمیل شده

    Auditions for Harry Potter spin-off

    Episode 150722 / 22 Jul 2015

    Do you want to be in the movies? Thousands queue in London for the chance to be in a new JK Rowling film

  • تکمیل شده

    Grass phone

    Episode 150715 / 15 Jul 2015

    Would you use a phone made out of grass? Take a look at some 'green' technology

  • تکمیل شده

    A good year for smelly fruit

    Episode 150708 / 08 Jul 2015

    What's causing a stink in Asia? Could it be the 'king of fruits'?!

  • تکمیل شده

    The secret of giraffes' long legs

    Episode 150701 / 01 Jul 2015

    Is being tall a good thing? Scientists study how giraffes move

  • تکمیل شده

    Ivory protest

    Episode 150624 / 24 Jun 2015

    Ivory objects destroyed in New York to curb trade behind killing of elephants

  • تکمیل شده

    Monuments in Nepal reopen

    Episode 150617 / 17 Jun 2015

    Nepalese government wants to bring back tourists after earthquake destruction

  • تکمیل شده

    Oil painting copy shop

    Episode 150610 / 10 Jun 2015

    Can't afford an original painting by Picasso? Visit the place where cheap copies are made

  • تکمیل شده

    Paris 'love locks' removed

    Episode 150603 / 03 Jun 2015

    Padlocks lovers attach to Parisian bridge became a nuisance, say the authorities

  • تکمیل شده

    New York's view from the top

    Episode 150527 / 26 May 2015

    The skyscraper replacing the World Trade Center opens its top floor to the public

  • تکمیل شده

    Fighting child marriage

    Episode 150520 / 20 May 2015

    Pakistani teen campaigns to end practice of offering girls for marriage to resolve local disputes

  • تکمیل شده

    Obstacle race in Germany

    Episode 150513 / 13 May 2015

    About 11,000 athletes endure mud and water to try to win the race

  • تکمیل شده

    What's the meaning of a royal name?

    Episode 150506 / 06 May 2015

    Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's daughter is called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

  • تکمیل شده

    Return of the lynx

    Episode 150429 / 29 Apr 2015

    Conservationists want to bring the lynx back to the British countryside, but farmers are worried

  • تکمیل شده

    Ivory smuggling

    Episode 150422 / 22 Apr 2015

    Customs officials in Thailand capture four tonnes of smuggled ivory from the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • تکمیل شده

    Playing 'Harry Potter'

    Episode 150415 / 15 Apr 2015

    A castle in Poland has been transformed into a College of Wizardry to welcome Harry Potter fans

  • تکمیل شده

    3D paintings

    Episode 150408 / 08 Apr 2015

    A museum in the Philippines wants visitors to be part of the picture

  • تکمیل شده

    Giant Easter egg

    Episode 150401 / 01 Apr 2015

    UK cook uses 100kg of chocolate to create two-metre-tall egg

  • تکمیل شده

    Symbol of peace

    Episode 150325 / 25 Mar 2015

    People come together in Northern Ireland around a burning symbol of the future

  • تکمیل شده

    Can you see the light?

    Episode 150318 / 18 Mar 2015

    Children who can't see get more active by playing with light and sound

  • تکمیل شده

    Driving change in Afghanistan

    Episode 150311 / 11 Mar 2015

    Afghanistan's first female taxi driver

  • تکمیل شده

    British sea power

    Episode 150304 / 04 Mar 2015

    The sea is powerful. But how can it be used to create electricity? Find out about a plan to build the world's first lagoon power plant

  • تکمیل شده

    The 'No Cry' onion

    Episode 150225 / 25 Feb 2015

    A new type of onion has been developed that tastes good and won't make you cry

  • تکمیل شده

    Battle of the Oranges

    Episode 150218 / 18 Feb 2015

    Some 500 tonnes of fruit are used in this Italian festival

  • تکمیل شده

    Flying food

    Episode 150211 / 11 Feb 2015

    Food literally flies to the table in restaurants in Singapore

  • تکمیل شده

    Shining a light on the past

    Episode 150204 / 04 Feb 2015

    New technology means we can now read texts written in Roman times

  • تکمیل شده

    Guns in school

    Episode 150128 / 28 Jan 2015

    Teachers in Pakistan carry guns to protect school children after Taliban attack

  • تکمیل شده

    Rich and poor

    Episode 150121 / 21 Jan 2015

    The gap between rich and poor is growing wider, says Oxfam

  • تکمیل شده

    Desert snows

    Episode 150114 / 14 Jan 2015

    Snow hits Saudi desert regions for the third year running

  • تکمیل شده

    How many in the zoo?

    Episode 150107 / 07 Jan 2015

    Zookeepers count more than 750 species in London

  • تکمیل شده

    Not just for Christmas

    Episode 141231 / 31 Dec 2014

    Trees left after Christmas are used to prevent floods in the UK

  • تکمیل شده

    Spiderman Santa

    Episode 141224 / 24 Dec 2014

    Why did Santa climb down a building 100 metres tall?

  • تکمیل شده

    Hunting for medals

    Episode 141217 / 17 Dec 2014

    Maasai Olympics encourages young to show skills on sports rather than by killing lions

  • تکمیل شده

    The city with no street names

    Episode 141210 / 10 Dec 2014

    A new project brings road signs and house numbers to Cotonou in Benin

  • تکمیل شده

    Stonehenge tunnel

    Episode 141203 / 03 Dec 2014

    A tunnel is to be built near the ancient monument of Stonehenge. Watch the video and learn new words

  • تکمیل شده

    Snow in the US

    Episode 141126 / 26 Nov 2014

    Residents of the north-east United States fear floods as temperatures rise. Watch the video and learn new words

  • تکمیل شده

    A joke gone wrong

    Episode 141119 / 19 Nov 2014

    A British man drives his girlfriend's car round an ex-Grand Prix circuit. Watch the video and learn new words

  • تکمیل شده

    Don't look down!

    Episode 141112 / 12 Nov 2014

    Two adventurers cross Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls on a high wire. Watch the video and learn new words

  • تکمیل شده

    Puppet carnival in Thailand

    Episode 141105 / 05 Nov 2014

    Hundreds of puppets bring colour to the streets of Bangkok. Watch the video and learn some new words

  • تکمیل شده

    Parkour is here to stay

    Episode 141029 / 29 Oct 2014

    British academies train people in urban running. Watch the video and learn some new words

  • تکمیل شده

    Alternative Miss World

    Episode 141022 / 22 Oct 2014

    Men and women take part in a colourful event in London. Watch the video and learn some new words

  • تکمیل شده

    Wife-carrying race

    Episode 141015 / 15 Oct 2014

    Couples should support each other. But, does that mean you need to carry your wife?

  • تکمیل شده

    Let's rock and roll!

    Episode 141008 / 08 Oct 2014

    The world's biggest guitar is on show in the US. Watch the video and learn new words

  • تکمیل شده

    Smoking in France

    Episode 141001 / 01 Oct 2014

    Will changes in cigarette packets make people smoke less? Watch the video and learn new words

  • تکمیل شده

    Prison bank

    Episode 140924 / 24 Sep 2014

    Visit the bank which operates inside Peru's biggest prison. Watch the video and learn new words