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Greece re-elects Tsipras

Episode 150921 / 21 Sep 2015

Step 1: Listen

You're going to hear a genuine BBC news report. Before you listen, read these three summaries.

a) The new prime minister has to pay back $100bn to Greece's creditors immediately.

b) The new prime minister has to make changes to Greece's economy soon.

c) The new prime minister was elected on condition he'd pay back Greece's creditors soon.

Now listen and decide which one is correct. Listen again if you need to.

Step 2: Learn the key words and listen again

How was that? Try listening again. Here are three definitions of key vocabulary items which may help you.

(here) sudden

financial assistance to rescue a failing economy or business

people, countries or institutions which are owed money

Step 3: Transcript and answer

The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is beginning work in forming a new government after his Syriza party was returned to office in a snap general election.

His immediate challenge is to implement economic reforms which were a condition for Greece receiving a $100bn bailout from international creditors in July.


b) The new Prime Minister has to make changes to Greece's economy soon.

This bulletin comes from BBC World Service Radio.

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