Session 3

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Activity 1


Today's Headlines

North Korea's 'H-bomb'

Fifa boss ban discussed

Chip makes woman see again


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Barreeffama agarsiisi Barreeffama dhoksi

North Korea says it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. The announcement was made on state TV shortly after an earth tremor was detected near a nuclear test site in the north-east of the country.

Fifa's ethics committee has recommended imposing a nine-year ban on the governing body's suspended general secretary Jerome Valcke. The committee has also asked for a fine of about $100,000 to be imposed against him. Mr Valcke, the number two to Sepp Blatter, denies misusing expenses and breaking the rules at Fifa.

A woman in Wales has got part of her vision back thanks to the use of a so-called bionic eye. Rhian Lewis had been losing her eyesight for years until she had a trial operation to implant a tiny chip into her right eye. Rhian can now make out shapes and light, providing hope for thousands like her.


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End of Session 3

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Session Vocabulary

  • announcement
    the act of giving official information

    not allowed to go to work for a period of time

    electronic parts used to improve body parts that don't work properly