Session 1

Have you ever looked at a job advertisement and wondered what the advertisers were looking for? Have you ever been confused by questions in a job interview? In this session we look at some job-related jargon - words and phrases that have a special meaning related to a particular topic - and here the topic is jobs! Don't miss your chance to improve your knowledge of this tricky vocabulary!

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Activity 2

Use the vocabulary

You can turn your hand to anything if you try...

...even learning all this complicated vocabulary. Let's practise some of the words and phrases we've looked at so far. 

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To do

Can you complete these sentences? This activity will test you on words and phrases from the adverts in Activity 1.

Job advert gap fills

5 Questions

How good is your job jargon? Choose the correct word or phrase to fill each gap. Check the vocabulary box in you need help

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Excellent! Great job! Carraa badaa! Qabxii argatte:
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Time for 6 Minute Vocabulary! We're moving from the world of job advert jargon to look at some of the words and phrases from the world of business. Are you good at blue-sky thinking? Find out more in the programme!

Session Vocabulary

  • enthusiastic
    showing a lot of interest and enjoyment

    in person

    administrative support
    support with tasks like writing reports and organising meetings

    (here) one of the best

    introducing new ideas or original thinking

    meeting or working with

    internal departments
    other departments in the same organisation

    writing the first version of something


    thinking about and working towards the best possible results

    (here) able to use language well

    positive and full of energy

    showing enthusiasm

    committed (to something)
    willing (to do something)

    professional skills
    the skills you need to do a job

    stands for: Newly Qualified Teachers: teachers in their first year of teaching

    key role
    an important part

    in short

    turn your hand to something
    try something, do a task that you don't normally or regularly do

    (here) replacing items on the shelves of a shop when they have been sold

    team player
    someone who works well in a team