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Social Media House Rules

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We are here to help you learn English for work, for study or just for fun. Join us and millions of other people around the world in an English conversation by leaving comments on our posts and interacting with us and each other on any of our social media platforms. Maybe you've joined our Facebook group or you follow us on Instagram? Maybe you subscribe to our YouTube channel - or do you catch up with us on Twitter?

Our Social Media House Rules

Wherever you find us and whatever your level of English, we want to create a safe space for you to meet other learners, practise English and feel comfortable making mistakes, so here are a few rules to make sure our social media platforms provide an enjoyable English learning community for everyone:

• English only!
Please always write in English so everyone can understand and learn from each other.

• Be nice!
Please use a polite, friendly tone when interacting in the group - and respect the opinions of others.

• Be open minded!

We are an international community, so please remember that our members come from many different cultures and backgrounds, and may have a different view of the world.

• Ask questions!
We love hearing from you and – even if we may not be able to answer all of your questions – will try to reply to as many as we can.

• Stay on topic!
Please respond to the question in the post, and try not to introduce unrelated topics. If you have a specific question related to a different topic, you can contact us here.

• Think first!
We will remove anything that we consider to be spam, bullying, trolling, advertising or offensive in any way. Those responsible may be banned from the page.

• Stay safe!
In order to respect everyone's privacy, please do not share private email addresses or telephone numbers within the group.

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