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Syllabus: Lower Intermediate

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Lower Intermediate Course – A=activity, L=listening, R=reading, V=video




News and Drama

Unit 1 – Nice to meet you!


L Question forms
6 Minute Grammar

R Keith Wallace, travel journalist
Question forms practice

R Questions forms
Grammar reference

L Suffixes
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Ways to say hello

R Formal and informal writing


L News Report

L The Race – Episode 1
Asking questions and giving information

Unit 2 – What to wear


L Present simple and present continuous
6 Minute Grammar

V Tom Ford, fashion designer
Using present simple and present continuous

R Present simple and present continuous
Grammar reference

L Adjectives and adverbs
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Smart or scruffy?
Describing your clothes

L News Report
How fashionable is business?

L The Race – Episode 2
Present simple and present continuous


Unit 3 – Like this, like that


L 'Like' as a verb and preposition
6 Minute Grammar

L London voxpops
What's it like where you live?

R 'Like'
Grammar reference

L Prefixes
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Do you like cats?
Vocabulary to describe cats

L Nick Grimshaw, DJ
Using 'like' as a filler word

L News Report
How dangerous are cats?

L The Race – Episode 3
Using the word 'like'

Unit 4 – The daily grind


L Adverbs of Frequency
6 Minute Grammar

L London voxpops
Commuting and adverbs of frequency

R Adverbs of frequency
Grammar Reference

L Chunks of language
6 Minute Vocabulary

L Travel vocabulary

L Pronunciation
Two ways to say 'often'

L News Report
Extreme commuting

L The Race – Episode 4
Adverbs of frequency

Unit 5 – Christmas every day


L 'Have to' and 'must'
6 Minute Grammar

L 'Have to' and 'must'
Future and past usage

L Jagtar's interview
Language practice

R 'Have to' and 'must'
Grammar reference

L Binomials
6 Minute Vocabulary


L Informal English
'Have got to' versus 'have to'

V Pronunciation
Silent letters

L News Report
Christmas dinner

L The Race – Episode 5
'Have to' and 'must'

Unit 6 – Great achievers


L Past Simple
6 Minute Grammar

L Rob and the triathlon
Learn the past simple

A Danny Murphy, footballer
Past simple questions & negatives

Past Simple
Grammar reference

L -ing and –ed adjectives
6 Minute Vocabulary

L The pub quiz
Using the past simple

V Pronunciation
Past simple endings

L News Report
Is Ronaldo the perfect player?

L The Race – Episode 6
Using the past simple

Unit 7 – The Titanic


L Past simple and continuous
6 Minute Grammar

Eva's story
Past simple and continuous

R Learn the language
Past simple and continuous

A Past simple and continuous

R Past simple and continuous
Grammar reference

L Lexical sets
6 Minute Vocabulary

Titanic vocabulary

Eva's animated story
Titanic survivor

R Karen's letter
Titanic survivor

L Gus's audio story
Titanic survivor

L News Report
Happy and sad jobs

L The Race – Episode 7
Past simple and continuous

Unit 8 - Travel


L Articles
6 Minute Grammar

Learn the language

A When to use 'the'

When to use the zero article

R Articles
Grammar reference

L Compound adjectives
6 Minute Vocabulary

Holiday vocabulary

Articles in spoken English

V Talking about your city
St Petersburg

L News Report
The island at the end of the earth

L The Race – Episode 8

Unit 9 – The big wedding


L 'Going to' and present continuous
6 Minute Grammar

Past, present or future?
Wedding stories

'Going to' and the present continuous
Planning a wedding

R 'Going to' and present continuous to talk about the future
Grammar reference

L Word stress
6 Minute Vocabulary

Wedding vocabulary


V Is that rain?
Different ways to talk about the future

Language for making plans

L News Report
A wedding on a budget

L The Race – Episode 9
'Going to' and present continuous to talk about the future

Unit 10 – Sunny’s job hunt


L Verb patterns
6 Minute Grammar

R When to use the gerund and when the infinitive after a verb

Verb patterns
Grammar reference

L Job Suffixes
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Sunny's mistakes
Writing a covering letter

L Craig, BBC HR Manager
Interview advice

L News Report
Girl power in Ghana's schools

L The Race – Episode 10
Verb patterns

Unit 11 – The bucket list


L Present Perfect
6 Minute Grammar

Londoners' experiences
Past participles and the present perfect

A Asking questions
Present perfect questions

R Present perfect
Grammar reference

L Contractions
6 Minute Vocabulary

Life experiences

R Susan Boyle's present perfect life

Present perfect

L News Report
Swiss children used as slave labour

L Frankenstein – Episode 1
Present perfect with 'never' and 'ever'

Unit 12 – Moving and immigration


L Present perfect with 'for' and 'since'
6 Minute Grammar

Present perfect reminder

Present perfect with 'for' and 'since'
Grammar reference

L Adjective order
6 Minute Vocabulary

L Sourena, broadcast journalist
Changing jobs

L How long have you lived here?
Students speak about the UK

L News Report
Mushrooms are the business for Burmese migrant

L Frankenstein – Episode 2
Present perfect with 'for' and 'since'

Unit 13 – Welcome to BBC Broadcasting House


L Comparatives and superlatives
6 Minute Grammar

R Newest, largest and bigger
Comparatives and superlatives explained

R Much and more
More about comparatives

R Comparing nouns

Comparatives and superlatives
Grammar reference

L Similar words
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Find out about the BBC
Superlatives and comparatives activity

A superlative guide

L Describing change in your neighbourhood

L News Report
Minecraft player builds virtual city

L Frankenstein – Episode 3
Present perfect with 'yet', 'just' and 'already'

Unit 14 – New Year, New Project


L 'Just', 'already' and 'yet' with the present perfect tense
6 Minute Grammar

R 'Just' and 'already'
The rules

A 'Yet'
More rules

R 'Just', 'already' and 'yet' with the present perfect tense
Grammar reference

L Compound nouns
6 Minute Vocabulary

V New Year's resolutions

A vegetarian breakfast?
Present perfect with 'yet', 'just' and 'already' practice

L 'Just', 'yet' and 'already' in business
Business vocabulary

L The Sagrada Familia
A listening activity

L News Report
Too many graduates, not enough jobs

Frankenstein – Episode 4
Comparatives and superlatives

Unit 15 – From Handel to Hendrix


L Defining relative clauses
6 Minute Grammar

R Handel and Hendrix
Getting a handle on relative clauses

R Which, where or that

Relative clauses
A structure

R Defining relative clauses
Grammar reference

L Homophones
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Famous London
Descriptions with relative clauses

A What does … mean?
A useful question

L The Handel House Museum
A listening activity

L News Report
The Taj Mahal in your living room

L Frankenstein – Episode 5
Relative clauses

Unit 16 – What’s the weather like?


L May, might and could
6 Minute Grammar

R The weather supercomputer
Understanding  might, may and could

R Predicting the weather
Using will and might

R May, might and could for possibility
Grammar reference

L Weather words
6 Minute Vocabulary

A Welcome to the weather
Weather vocabulary and symbols

V A weather forecast
Understanding a weather forecast?

V Climate change
Cause and effect relationships

R Climate change
Is the risk from extreme weather set to rise?

L Meet a weather presenter
Using 'could' and 'couldn't

L Britain's great storm

L News Report
Entrepreneurial spark

L Frankenstein – Episode 6
'May', 'might' and 'could'

Unit 17 – The Digital Revolution



L Used to
6 Minute Grammar

R Talking about change
A guide to used to

R Used to and the past simple
What's the difference?

V Used to or use to?

Used to
Grammar reference

L New words
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Modern technology is great?
selfie, photobomb and trolling

L Modern technology – the debate
old-school, bizarre, video call …

R Robot trucks do the jobs
Mining and tech vocabulary

L Christine's life
Using 'used to'

L News Report
Experimental schools of the 1970s

L Frankenstein – Episode 7
Used to


Unit 18 – A detective story


L Subject questions
6 Minute Grammar

A Inspector Stone's case  notes (Ep 1)
Possessive 's' and subject questions

R Gathering the evidence
Forming subject questions

R The Inspector finds a notebook
Word order

'Whose' or 'who's'?

Inspector Stone's case notes
Intonation and question tags

R Subject-object questions
Grammar reference

L Male and female job words
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Inspector Stone Episode 1
Wedding vocabulary

V Inspector Stone Episode 2
Listening for specific information
More on subject questions

V Inspector Stone Episode 3
Practising the past simple negative

R The mother of the bride
Find the past simple negative mistakes

V Inspector Stone Episode 4
Intonation and solving the crime

L News Report
Murder mystery

L Frankenstein – Episode 8
Subject questions

Unit 19 – A place to live


L 'Too', 'very', 'enough'
6 Minute Grammar

A Modifying adjectives with 'too', 'very' and 'enough'

R 'Too much', 'too many', 'enough', 'not enough', 'very'
Grammar reference

L Strong adjectives
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Goldilocks and the three bears
'Too', 'very' and 'enough'

R London’s housing crisis
Housing vocabulary

V 'ough' words
Pronunciation tips for words like ‘enough’

L 'Too', 'very' and 'enough'
Using these words to say what’s wrong

L News Report
School shortage

L Frankenstein – Episode 9
'Too much', 'too many', 'enough', 'not enough', 'very'

Unit 20 – The Cult of Celebrity


L Tenses
6 Minute Grammar – present simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect, going to, present continuous with future meaning

V Daisy's audition
Present simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect

V Living in The Box
Present simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect

R Mixed tenses
Grammar reference

L –ic and –ical adjectives
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Life after The Box
Talking about plans for the future

R Daisy goes global
Fame vocabulary

R A disease called fame
Fame vocabulary 

L News Report
Robin Williams honoured

L Frankenstein – Episode 10
Past simple, present simple, present perfect, present continuous, 'going to' future

Unit 21 – Welcome to your new job


L Indirect questions
6 Minute Grammar

R Indirect questions

R Indirect questions
Grammar reference

L Multi-word verbs
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Going Up: Amith's First Day
Polite language

R Indirect questions with 'if' and 'whether'

L 'I wonder if you could help me'
Listening to phone messages

R French cafe causes a stir
Read an article about a French cafe

L News Report
Work after sport

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 1
Indirect questions

Unit 22 – Beyond the planets


L Present and past passives
6 Minute Grammar

R The passive voice

R Present and past passives
Grammar reference

L Onomatopoeia
6 Minute Vocabulary

L NASA's last shuttle flight
Space vocabulary

R Is there hope for the future?
Stories about the future

L News Report

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 2
Present and past simple passives

Unit 23 – Great expectations!


L First conditional
6 Minute Grammar

L Advice for new mums
Using the first conditional

R First conditional
Grammar reference

L Silent letters
6 Minute Vocabulary

L Baby talk
Idioms relating to having a baby

L Parents-to-be
'If' + present simple + will

R Different countries, different systems
Reading about healthcare and pregnancy

L News Report
Dads attending births

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 3
The first conditional               

Unit 24 – Eco-tourism


L The second conditional
6 Minute Grammar

L Would the world be better if…
Second conditionals

R Second conditional
Grammar reference

L Re- pre- and pro-
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Would you go to Antarctica?
Eco-tourism vocabulary

L My dream holiday
Talking about dream destinations

L News Report

If cars could run themselves

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 4
The second conditional

Unit 25 – Moving house


L State verbs
6 Minute Grammar

A State verbs: 'love' and 'hate'

R State verbs and action verbs
Grammar reference

L Phrasal verbs and context
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Finding somewhere to live
Vocabulary relating to living together

L Getting along with your housemates
Talking about living together

R How can you avoid choosing a terrible flatmate?
Talking about the problems of living together

L News Report
Sharing accommodation

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 5
State verbs

Unit 26 – It must be love


L Present perfect and past simple
6 Minute Grammar

R Present perfect and past simple
Grammar reference

L Spelling words that begin with /s/
6 Minute Vocabulary

L She’s the one
Talking about relationships

R The man who robbed a bank for love

L News Report
Breaking News

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 6
Present perfect and past simple

Unit 27 – Job hunting success… and failure


L Question tags
6 Minute Grammar

A Making questions in English

A Find the correct question tags

R Question tags
Grammar reference

L Business jargon
6 Minute Vocabulary

R The ideal candidate
Vocabulary of job adverts

R The dos and don'ts of job interviews
Vocabulary relating to job interview processes

L News Report
Job interviews

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 7
Question tags

Unit 28 – Speeding into the future


L 'Will', 'going to', 'might' and 'be likely to'
6 Minute Grammar

R Predicting the future
'Will', 'going to', 'be likely to' and 'might'

R 'Will', 'going to', 'be likely to', 'might'
Grammar reference

L British and American English
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Too much tech?
Vocabulary relating to digital technology

R Do we need to rescue our kids from the digital world?
Vocabulary relating to use of digital technology

L News Report
The future of travel

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 8
'Will', 'going to', 'might'

Unit 29 – Lost arts


L 'Used to' and 'would'
6 Minute Grammar

R 'Used to' and 'would'
Grammar reference

L Pronouncing verbs and nouns
6 Minute Vocabulary

L The Knowledge
'Used to' and 'would' in context

R How to plant the perfect tree
Suggestions, instructions and advice

L News Report
Health stories

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 9
'Used to' and 'would'

Unit 30 – Tales of survival


L 'Can', 'could', 'be able to', 'manage'
6 Minute Grammar

R Turning tragedy into triumph
'Can', 'could', 'be able to' and 'manage to' in context

R Present and past modals of ability
Grammar reference

L Words with double letters
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Surviving in tough times
Talking about ability

R After Typhoon Haiyan
Vocabulary relating to natural disasters

L Meet Jackie
Broadcasting in and about disaster zones

L News Report
Surviving the tsunami

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 10
Expressions of ability in the past and present