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Words that end in 'our' in British English

Episode 2 / 16 Oct 2020

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'OUR' Words


Words which end in ‘our’ in British English usually end in ‘or’ in American English. However, be careful – some words always end with ‘or’ in both. E.g. Occupations like actor, professor, doctor, editor, director, as well as many other words such as visitor, monitor, motor, prior, sector and more.


UK: Behaviour

US: Behavior

UK: Colour

US: Color

UK: Flavour

US: Flavor

UK: Harbour

US: Harbor

UK: Honour

US: Honor

UK: Humour

US: Humor

UK: Labour

US: Labor

UK: Rumour

US: Rumor

UK: Splendour

US: Splendor

What other differences do you know?

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