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5 days to improve your pronunciation


Day 2. The most important sound

Episode 201124 / 24 Nov 2020

5 Days of tips and challenges to help you improve your pronunciation

Welcome to Day 2 - Today's challenges

Here is Tim's question for you today:

  • What is the most important and most common sound in English?

You can find the answer to this question in this video from the series: Stop Saying. In this series students ask questions about the English language which BBC Learning English answers.


Tim's Homework

The series Stop Saying has other videos that answer questions about English pronunciation. Why not check those out as well?

 Tim's bonus download

Yesterday's challenge was about the symbols that represent the sounds of English. Today you can download the chart showing the symbols.



If you missed Day 1, don't worry - you can find it here.

Don't forget to come back for Day 3 to find out the answer to Tim's question. For more pronunciation practice, try Tim's Pronunciation Workshop.

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