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The complete guide to English Pronunciation | Learn ALL 44 sounds of English in 75 minutes!

Episode 201224 / 24 Dec 2020

Learn ALL 44 sounds in the phonemic chart. Do you want to speak fluently with clear English pronunciation so that you can communicate easily with others?

Then, check out our full guide to the sounds of English! By the end of this 75-minute video, you will have learnt ALL of the 44 sounds that you need in order to have great pronunciation and to speak with a crisp and clear accent.

We look at the vowel, consonant and diphthong sounds that you need in order to ace your speaking exam, pass your job interview or communicate with others. Whatever your English needs, this video WILL help!

Guide to video

00:00 /iː/ - How to say 'fleece’, ‘sea’ & ‘machine’
02:11 /Ιͺ/ - How to say ‘kit’, ‘bid’ & ‘him’
04:11 /ʊ/ - How to say ‘foot’, ‘put’ & ‘good’
04:52 /uː/ - How to say 'blue’, ‘two’ & ‘goose’
05:45 /e/ - How to say ‘dress’, ‘head’ & ‘bed’
07:35 /Ι™/ - How to say ‘the’, ‘of’ & ‘butter’
11:36 /ɜː/ - How to say 'nurse’, ‘stir’ & ‘learn’
12:30 /ɔː/ - How yo say 'law’, ‘north’ & ‘war’
13:20 /æ/ - How to say ‘trap’, ‘stamp’ & ‘back’
14:06 /ʌ/ - How to say ‘strut’, ‘mud’ & ‘love’
15:57 /ɑː/ - How to say 'father’, ‘start’ & ‘hard’
16:36 /Ι’/ - How to say ‘lot’, ‘odd’ & ‘wash’
17:16 /ΙͺΙ™/ - How to say 'near’, ‘hear  


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