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Five ways to use would

1) Conditionals

I would memorise these sentences if I were you!

2) Future in past

When you started learning English you knew you would be fluent one day.

3) Reported speech

Finn said he would teach us how to use would.

4) Repetition in the past

I would always make mistakes until I learned these examples.

5) Polite requests

Would you try a little harder please?

Stop Saying

Indirect questions:

1) Direct: Where is the cafe?

Indirect: Do you know where the cafe is?

2) Direct: When will you finish the report?

Indirect: Could you tell me when you'll finish the report?

3) Direct: Where is the toilet?

Indirect: Would you mind telling me where the toilets are?

4) Direct: Can you help me?

Indirect: Is there any chance you could help me with this?

We can also use if and whether, like this:

I wonder if you can help me?

Do you know if there's a bank near here?

Could you tell me whether Mark prefers fish or chicken curry?