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Unit 21: When and if
Unfinished conditional sentences

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    Session 1

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    English Class

    25 Apr 2016

    Who said grammar was all hard work? It can be sweet when our presenter Dan's involved… Watch him explain the differences between if and when and gobble some tasty candies.

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    Session 2

    1 Activity

    News Review

    26 Apr 2016

    On 26 April 1986, one of the four reactors at Chernobyl nuclear power station exploded, in what was to be the world's worst ever nuclear accident. As the 30th anniversary of this event is marked, Rob and Finn explore the language you need to understand the story.

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    Session 3

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    27 Apr 2016

    Get up-to-date with the latest news and understand it too with Lingohack. Listen to and watch authentic BBC World News bulletins and learn key words and phrases that help you make sense of the news.

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    Session 4

    1 Activity

    Stop Saying!

    28 Apr 2016

    We normally think of a conditional sentence as having two parts. Sometimes though, English speakers will only say the conditional clause, the 'if' part. Tim explores this topic in this video.

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    Session 5

    1 Activity

    Drama: The White Elephant

    29 Apr 2016

    A health inspector is going to visit the restaurant. Can the team clean the place and make it spotless in time? Watch and learn some phrases related to being clean.