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Unit 1: One-minute English

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Session 23

In today's One-minute English Dan will explain the differences between ‘person’ and ‘people’.
आजच्या  One-minute English मध्ये डॅन ‘person’ आणि ‘people’ मधला फरक सांगणार आहे .

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Person vs people

In today's One-minute English Dan will explain the differences between ‘person’ and ‘people’.
आज One-minute English मध्ये डॅन आपल्याला ‘person’ आणि ‘people’ मधला फरक समजवणार आहे.

Watch the video and read our language summary to answer the questions in the quiz.

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Hi, I'm Dan from BBC Learning English and today I'm going to talk about 'person' and 'persons', 'people' and 'peoples'.

A person is a human man, woman or child. It is a singular, countable noun.
There was one person at the door.

The plural of person is people.
It refers to a group or a number of human beings. It is a plural, countable noun.
There were three people at the door.

So, how about persons?
Persons is a plural countable noun. It's similar to people, but it's considered more polite and more formal. It's most often seen written down.
This lift can hold a maximum of 15 persons.

And peoples?
Peoples is the plural form of people and comes from the other meaning of people.
People can mean nation.
The Aztecs were a people that lived in the Americas.
Or, there are many peoples on the earth! They are all human!
So far...



Person म्हणजे व्यक्ती. स्त्री, पुरूष, लहान मुल. हे एकवचनी, संख्यावाचक नाम आहे.

There is a person here who wants to speak to you.
I know a person who can help you.


Person अनेकवचन आहे, people म्हणजे अनेक लोक. नागरी संस्कृतीसाठीही याचा वापर करतात. हे अनेकवचनी संख्यावाचक नाम आहे.

There are four people in my family.
The Aztecs were an ancient people.

Person vs people

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औपचारिक बोलण्यात काही वेळा In official language we sometimes use ‘persons’असा उल्लेख येऊ शकतो. Persons अनेकवचनी संख्यावाचक नाम आहे. याचा अर्थ people सारखाच आहे. पण बोलताना ‘persons’ कधीही वापरू नये, लिहिताना ते चालू शकतं.

Persons without their invitation may not enter the venue.
This car can hold fifteen persons..


नागरी संस्कृतींचा, देशांचा उल्लेख करताना ‘people’ चं ‘peoples’हे अनेकवचन वापरता येतं.

India has been home to many peoples over thousands of years.

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