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Session 185

Beyonce has set a new record after becoming the first female artist to win 28 Grammys. All this happened at the 63rd Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Tom and Catherine have the vocabulary you need to talk about this story.

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Activity 1

News Review

Grammys: Beyonce sets new record

Beyonce has set a new record at the 63rd Grammy Awards ceremony with her 28th win. She is now the most-awarded woman in Grammys history. Tom and Catherine have the vocabulary you need to talk about this story.


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The story

And the singer Beyonce has collected her twenty-eighth Grammy award overnight, beating the previous all-time female record set by the country music star Alison Krauss.

Taylor Swift also made history at the ceremony in Los Angeles, becoming the first woman to win album of the year three times.

Key words and phrases


  • After receiving a third medal, the soldier became the most decorated member of his unit.
  • Many decorated scientists work in the university’s physics department.

took centre stage
received the most attention

  • The local school took centre stage in the national fight against bullying thanks to its new policies.
  • A row about sexism has once again taken centre stage after protests.


  • I opted not to take part in the office team-building weekend last month.
  • Sandra chose to opt out of the workplace pension scheme.

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