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Unit 1: News Review
How to use the language from the latest news stories

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Session 24

Food and energy prices are increasing around the world. Neil and Beth discuss the vocabulary in the news headlines about this story.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

Prices rise across the world

Prices are rising around the world. Now interest rates are going up to deal with the crisis.

Neil and Beth look at the vocabulary used in the headlines about this story.

Watch the video and complete the activity



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The story 

Food and energy prices are rising around the world meaning millions now face tough choices in their daily lives. Economists blame a combination of Covid, poor harvests and the war in Ukraine.

Now central banks are putting up interest rates to try to control the crisis.

Key words and phrases

the spectre of (something)
the possibility of something bad happening

  • The spectre of another pandemic is very worrying.
  • The spectre of nuclear war is back.

into the mire
into a difficult situation

  • The scandal dragged the minister into the mire
  • The company was mired in controversy

situation in which a small mistake can have a dangerous result

  • It’s a tightrope. If we get this wrong, the company will collapse.
  • You have to walk a tightrope when you plan a wedding.

To do

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