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Session 1

Join us on a journey of discovery: we're going to learn all about articles! In Session 1, Emma and her travelling friends introduce us to those three little words that can mean so much.

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Activity 1

Happy holidays

Emma's jealous!

Welcome to Unit 8, where we'll discover some exciting places around the world - and learn some grammar and vocabulary along the way.

Let's meet Emma again. She's jealous because her friends are always going away on exciting trips - and she is stuck at home in London. Her friend Mike, has sent her a postcard: where is it from? Watch the video to find out...

Watch the video and complete the activity

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I'm so jealous. My friends are always going on holiday. Look at all the postcards they've sent me. I wish I was going on a trip somewhere... an exciting adventure to somewhere exotic like the Himalayas or to see the Taj Mahal...

Look: Mike sent me a postcard today. Let's see what it says.

"Hi Emma! Hello from St Petersburg in Russia! Staying in a wonderful hotel. You would love it. The hotel is right by the river. Wish you were here, love Mike."

That sounds wonderful. I do need a holiday but do I want to go there? Hmmm...

To do

So, Emma's postcard came from St Petersburg. Did you notice how many times Emma said the little words a, an and the? Watch the video again and count them. Was it...

1)      a – 3; an 2; the – 6

2)      a – 4; an 1; the – 5

3)      a – 3; an 1; the – 4

You can find the answer on the next page.


Click here to download the video (size: 19.2MB).


Our journey has begun. On the next page you can read a travel blog and see more articles in action. You can learn some new vocabulary too. Off you go!

Session Vocabulary

  • jealous
    unhappy because someone else has something you can't have or do

    a small card with a picture on one side and a space for writing on the other, which people sometimes send to friends and family from places they are visiting

    cheaper than normal

    a very beautiful view, similar to pictures on postcards

    place you travel to

    based on past customs and beliefs by a particular group of people

    (here) a period of rest and relaxation

    wonderful; amazing

    things like art or buildings that a group of people feel are important to their history