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Session 1

We meet a British man who really loves Christmas… so much that he celebrates it every day! This unit looks at the differences between must and have to.

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Activity 2

The doctor's advice

To eat or not to eat

In Activity 1, Andy Park talked about his daily Christmas dinner. But is eating so much food every single day good for your health? Andy's doctor gave him some advice. What do you think she said? Choose a), b) or c), then watch the video and see if you guessed correctly.

    a)   Your diet is fine. No need to change.

    b)   You should never eat Christmas dinner again.

    c)   You should make some changes to your diet.

Watch the video and try the activity

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Mr Christmas
I love Christmas, but eating a Christmas dinner like I just have is not all that healthy.

I asked my doctor. She said:

"Andy, your diet is not very healthy. You're overweight and this can cause problems. You need some advice.

"The good news is you don't have to stop celebrating Christmas every day. But you must stop eating so much. You don't have to have a roast turkey: you could have something else.

"And in general, you mustn't eat so much fatty food. You have to take some exercise. Try running, swimming… anything like that."

Because of all that, this is the new me: looking good, feeling good. Merry Christmas!

Vocabulary help

fat; heavier than you should be

containing a lot of fat

So Andy's doctor's advice was (c). She told him that he needs to make some changes to his diet.

To do

The doctor had a lot of advice for Andy. Now, answer these questions about what she said.

The doctor's advice

4 Questions

What did the doctor tell Andy? Answer these questions.

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Well done. Would you like to eat huge dinners like Andy Park? He says he “never gets sick and tired of it”. Sick and tired is called a binomial phrase. Find out more in 6 Minute Vocabulary with Finn and Alice.

Session Vocabulary

  • overweight
    fat; heavier than you should be

    containing a lot of fat