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Unit 30: Tales of survival
Present and past modals of ability

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    Session 1

    3 Activities

    Talking about disasters

    27 Apr 2015

    Typhoons, cyclones, earthquakes... sadly, they happen all too often. This unit is about disasters and how people survive them. In this session, we help you learn the language you need to talk about these events

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    Session 2

    3 Activities

    Modal verbs of ability

    28 Apr 2015

    Could you survive in an extreme situation? People who live in the desert are able to deal with extremely difficult living conditions. Some parts of Russia see temperatures fall to -50C, but the people who live there manage to cope. We're talking about modal verbs of ability in this session. Can you join us?

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    Session 3

    2 Activities

    Flip flop hope

    29 Apr 2015

    How are sandals helping orphans? Hear the inspirational story of two British brothers who believe you can make money and do good. We also practise could, be able to and manage to as we read their tale.

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    Session 4

    3 Activities

    Broadcasting in a disaster zone

    30 Apr 2015

    In this session we find out about TV and radio programmes that are made especially for people affected by hazards and disasters; it's over to you to tell us about your experiences; and News Report brings us one woman's story of the 2004 Asian Tsunami.

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    Session 5

    2 Activities

    Drama and the weekly quiz

    01 May 2015

    Hear the final part of Alice in Wonderland. The trial of the Knave of Hearts is nearly over. What will the court's decision be? And will Alice manage to stay on the right side of the Queen? You can also test what you've learnt in this unit with our weekly quiz.