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Session 3

Emma goes out onto the streets of London to ask people about where they live. We practise different forms of like, learn some vocabulary and pick up a pronunciation point along the way.

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In this activity we are going to help you improve your pronunciation and to speak more fluently.


Watch the video and complete the activity

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Hello! In formal speech or writing, each word in a question may appear separately. For example:

What is Tower Bridge like?

However, in informal speech and writing, we usually use contractions. Like this:

What’s Tower Bridge like?



We call the second one a short form, or a contraction. Can you make these shorter?

What is London like?

What's London like?

What is Belgian chocolate like?

What's Belgian chocolate like?

What is his address?

What's his address?



That's our pronunciation point. Bye!

End of Session 3

Well done! That's it for this session. In the next session we play a game in which you have to guess a mystery object... Sounds exciting!