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Session 1

'Like' for preference and description

Do you like cats? What are cats like? In this session, we explore different ways of using the word like, with the help of some cute cats.

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Activity 2

What are these cats like?

So, it's time to meet our three furry friends: Chip, Rosie and Martina.

First, listen to the descriptions of them. As you listen, think about these questions:

  • Which words and phrases describe the cats?
  • Which words and phrases are about what the cats like doing?

Listen to the audio and complete the activity

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Chip is a male, short-haired, black and white cat. He's stubborn, but also tolerant. He likes sleeping and drinking milk.

Rosie is a friendly, female cat. She likes to visit other houses and hunt shrews. She fights with the cat next door. Rosie spends a lot of time outside in her own garden, and doesn't go much further.

Martina is a twelve-year-old white cat. She's very old, but very clever. She likes to eat carrot cake.


Download this clip. (size 2MB)


To do

How much do you remember about the three cats, Chip, Rosie and Martina?

Have a go at our quiz!

Chip, Rosie and Martina

4 Questions

How much did you understand?

Choose the correct answer for each question.

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Great! Well done. So, what's the difference between like in these questions? Find out in the next activity.

Session Grammar

  • Like (as verb)

    We use like as a verb in this way: subject + like + object

    Like (as preposition)

    We use like as a preposition in this set phrase:

    what + to be + noun/noun phrase + like?

Session Vocabulary

  • stubborn - not changing your attitude or opinion, even if there is a good reason to.

    tolerant - accepting opinions of others, or able to put up with difficult conditions or treatment

    hunt - chase and kill another animal for food

    shrew - a small, mouse-like animal with a long nose and tiny eyes

    doesn't go much further - doesn't go beyond this distance