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Unit 29: Lost arts
Used to & would

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    Session 1

    3 Activities

    Everything changes

    20 Apr 2015

    Have you ever said to yourself 'Things aren't what they used to be'? In this session we hear from three people talking about how things have changed in their lives. You'll also have a chance to test and improve your vocabulary knowledge as we look at some of the words and phrases that are coming up in Unit 29.

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    Session 2

    3 Activities

    Now and then

    21 Apr 2015

    In this session we'll find out how to use used to and would to talk about things we did regularly in the past. Do you know which one to use when? You will after this session!

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    Session 3

    2 Activities

    Rick's knowledge

    22 Apr 2015

    In this Session, we meet a London taxi driver called Rick. He talks about his job using lots of examples of would and used to. Then you have a chance to tell us something that changed in your life

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    Session 4

    2 Activities

    Top tips from a gardening expert

    23 Apr 2015

    Do you like gardens and gardening? In this session you can read a blog post about choosing the right tree to grow to give you a beautiful garden all year round. You’ll also see a lot of language for giving instructions, suggestions and advice. And in this Unit's News Report, we uncover the truth about some commonly-held beliefs and ideas about diet and health – some of which might shock you: can carrots really help you see better in the dark?

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    Session 5

    2 Activities

    Drama and the weekly quiz

    24 Apr 2015

    Hear part 9 of our drama, Alice in Wonderland. Alice finds herself in court! Who stole the tarts - and what's that funny feeling Alice is having? After that, test what you've learnt in this Unit with our weekly quiz.