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Unit 18: A detective story
Subject-object questions

  • Completed

    Session 1

    3 Activities

    Inspector Stone and the Wedding Party

    02 Feb 2015

    A ring goes missing and Inspector Stone has to work out who took it. Join him as he explains some wedding vocabulary and tries to solve the mystery.

  • Completed

    Session 2

    4 Activities

    Inspector Stone asks subject-object questions

    03 Feb 2015

    The Inspector continues to work out who stole the ring and asks lots of questions. Find out how you can form your own subject-object questions along the way.

  • Completed

    Session 3

    3 Activities

    Inspector Stone: Fight Club

    04 Feb 2015

    Find out why Inspector Stone spends most of this episode hiding in the garden... and practise forming past simple negatives

  • Completed

    Session 4

    3 Activities

    Inspector Stone: War of the Roses

    05 Feb 2015

    We meet Inspector Stone for the final time as he reveals the identity of the ring thief while explaining and practising a very important feature of English pronunciation.

  • Completed

    Session 5

    2 Activities

    Drama: Frankenstein Part 8 and the weekly quiz

    06 Feb 2015

    There's another murder and this time Viktor Frankenstein himself is arrested. Plus, find out what you've learnt about subject and object questions from Unit 18 in our weekly quiz