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Unit 17: The Digital Revolution
'Used to' for past habits

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    Session 1

    3 Activities

    The great digital debate

    26 Jan 2015

    Technology has changed our lives. But is this a good or a bad thing? Alice and Amith have a debate about what we've gained and lost in the digital age. You'll hear them talking about how life used to be and the big changes technology has brought us.

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    Session 2

    3 Activities

    The grammar of 'used to'

    27 Jan 2015

    In the past, we sent letters but now we email and text. It’s time to find out how to use used to to talk about past habits and situations that have changed. Have a look at the grammar explanations and do some activities to help you learn the structure.

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    Session 3

    2 Activities

    Mining used to be very different

    28 Jan 2015

    We're off to Australia in this session! Read an article all about how mining has changed 'down under'. See how the past is compared to the present with used to. And Alice returns with a useful spelling tip.

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    Session 4

    3 Activities

    Remembering the good old days

    29 Jan 2015

    Have you ever moved to a different part of your country or even abroad? We'll hear from Christine from BBC World Service talking about big changes in her life. Then it's over to you. Tell us about the changes in your life using used to. Then there's News Report about schools which didn't use to have rules.

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    Session 5

    2 Activities

    Drama and the weekly quiz

    30 Jan 2015

    Viktor Frankenstein goes to Britain and works alone to build a bride for the Creature. Plus, find out what you've learnt from unit 17 in our weekly quiz.