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Unit 14: New Year, New Project
Present perfect with just, already and yet

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    Session 1

    3 Activities

    Broken resolutions

    05 Jan 2015

    Rob and Finn share their ideas for the New Year. Finn wants to be healthy - but can he stick to his plans? We also take a look at the words just, already and yet with the present perfect tense.

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    Session 2

    3 Activities

    We've reached Session 2 already!

    06 Jan 2015

    Time to focus on the language, as we learn how to make sentences with the present perfect and just, already and yet. Let's practise the rules!

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    Session 3

    2 Activities

    The meeting

    07 Jan 2015

    The words just, already and yet are often used in a business and work context. Let's have look at that now as we join a morning meeting in a technology company.

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    Session 4

    3 Activities

    The 150-year project

    08 Jan 2015

    In this session we read about the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona: a building that's taken over 100 years to build, but it's not finished yet...

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    Session 5

    2 Activities

    Drama: Frankenstein episode 4 and the weekly quiz

    09 Jan 2015

    Viktor Frankenstein meets the Creature at last. Will they be friends or have a fight? Plus, find out what you've learnt from unit 14 in our weekly quiz.