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Session 1

Comparatives and superlatives

Come on in and take a look at the BBC's newest building - and the home of BBC Learning English. Along the way you'll learn about comparatives and superlatives, so you can talk about the biggest and best things in your life.

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Take a look

The places we see, live and work in every day are always changing. Sometimes, as they get older, it's hard to keep them clean and in working order. They need to be redeveloped with better, newer and more advanced facilities. In this session, you will learn about the BBC’s New Broadcasting House, which opened in 2013 after a ten-year redevelopment project. You will also learn about some of the famous names and events connected with Broadcasting House and take a quiz to test your knowledge.

First, let's take a look inside the building. After you've watched the video, there's a reading activity. Then there are some questions to test you understood the text.

Watch the video, read the text and complete the activity

Welcome to New Broadcasting House, home to the BBC - and BBC Learning English, of course!

For the first time in the BBC's history, it has brought together its News, Radio, Television and Online services into one central London headquarters. It now provides the most advanced digital broadcast and production centre in the world and a better working environment for its staff.

This is now the BBC's largest creative hub in the UK. More live programmes are broadcast from here than from any other BBC site, serving a worldwide audience of more than 150 million every week.

The redevelopment of Broadcasting House in the centre of London is the largest capital project ever undertaken by the BBC. It took a decade to complete and involved the BBC's biggest relocation of staff in its 90 year history.

New Broadcasting House is a 12-storey extension that's connected to the original smaller home of the BBC, simply called Broadcasting House, which was built in 1932. The new building is home to the largest live newsroom in Europe. There are many TV and radio studios using some of the latest technology.

With thousands of people now working here, it's busier than ever but there are plenty of places to meet and talk to colleagues. And it's a more accessible building for the public too - they can come inside, take a tour and get a look at what goes on behind the scenes in this iconic building.

To do

Now you've learnt something about Broadcasting House, let's see what you remember. Read the sentences below and decide if they are true or false. You can watch the video and read the text again if you need to - and don't forget to use the hints as well!

Broadcasting House quiz

8 Questions

Read these sentences about Broadcasting House and decide if these sentences are true or false

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How did you get on? Are you getting to know our home? In the next activity we will test what you know about the BBC and introduce you to some comparatives and superlatives - see if you can spot them.

Session Vocabulary

  • redevelop
    improving by knocking down an old building and building it again or improving an existing building

    working environment
    conditions and facilities where people work

    the central or main place where there is most activity

    capital project
    major building work, which will make it possible for an organisation to increase its production

    famous and well known