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Unit 10: Sunny's job hunt
Gerunds and infinitives

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    Session 1

    3 Activities

    Meet Sunny

    01 Dec 2014

    In the first of 5 sessions, we have a first look at verb patterns, and pick up some work vocabulary as we meet a Chinese video blogger called Sunny who’s looking for a job.

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    Session 2

    3 Activities

    Language focus

    02 Dec 2014

    So, when is a verb followed by a gerund - and when is it followed by an infinitive? In this session you will do some practical activities, and listen to 6 Minute Grammar, to help you improve your knowledge of this tricky area of grammar.

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    Session 3

    2 Activities

    The covering letter

    03 Dec 2014

    Sunny the vlogger has found a job she wants to apply for. But her covering letter has a few grammatical mistakes. Can you help her improve the letter, and then write your own?

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    Session 4

    3 Activities

    The job interview

    04 Dec 2014

    Sunny the vlogger has applied for a job – and she’s got an interview! She needs you to help her prepare – and answer the interviewer’s questions

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    Session 5

    4 Activities

    Drama and the Weekly Quiz

    05 Dec 2014

    It's the final episode of The Race today! Do Phil and his crew make it back to London in time? Or will he fail his challenge to get around the world in 80 days? And will he win Sophia's heart?