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Vocabulary Reference

Words from Unit 1: Ways to say 'hello'




Hi there.


How's it going?

Nice to meet you.


General vocabulary from Unit 1

folks - an informal word for a group of people

intimate - describes a close personal relationship

etiquette - describes the rules of correct behaviour in social situations

fed up - bored or annoyed


6 Minute Vocabulary Unit 1: Suffixes

-ee creates a noun meaning 'person who receives an action'.

Example words: interviewee, trainee, employee, refugee, absentee

Example sentence: My company has six thousand employees.


-able creates an adjective meaning that the subject can do something OR that something can be done to it.

Example words: excitable, employable, pleasurable, enjoyable, loveable, readable, breakable, moveable

Example sentence: I didn’t like his last book – it wasn’t very readable.


-ible is a different spelling of -able.

Example words: responsible, visible, horrible, terrible

Example sentence: Stars are only visible at night.


-ness creates a noun which describes a quality or state.

Example words: happiness, nervousness, politeness, sadness, sickness, kindness, meaninglessness

Example sentence: He missed two days of work because of sickness.


The vocabulary tip

If you use an online dictionary, type a hyphen or a dash into the search box, and then type in any of today’s suffixes. The dictionary will give you a list of words that end with your suffix.