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Unit 6: Jurassic mystery: unpacking the past
Modals of deduction and speculation - present and past

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    Session 1

    3 Activities

    Practise your prefixes

    08 Jun 2015

    We're looking at the prefixes de-, dys-, and dis- in this unit. Join us for 6 Minute Vocabulary, and then do two activities to test your knowledge of prefixes!

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    Session 2

    3 Activities

    It must have been...

    09 Jun 2015

    When you're not sure about something you might need to use a modal, a word like might, may, could, must or can’t. In this session we use them to help us solve a murder mystery, and we see them in a news story about life on Mars.

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    Session 3

    1 Activity

    Three million-year-old technology

    10 Jun 2015

    Scientists thought the world's oldest stone tools were about 2.6 million years old. They were wrong by 700,000 years. Read about a new discovery which makes researchers think early humans were more intelligent than we thought.

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    Session 4

    3 Activities

    How to pronounce couldn't've, wouldn't've, mightn't've

    11 Jun 2015

    Neil's lunch has gone missing. Did Rob steal it? Find out in this session and also learn how English speakers make three words into one, using double contractions.

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    Session 5

    1 Activity

    Drama: Jamaica Inn

    12 Jun 2015

    Jamaica Inn: Part 6. Mary goes to the horse market with Jem, but things don't go to plan...