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Session 1

At the weekend, in spring, on Saturday. Learning which preposition to use with which time expression can be difficult. But don't worry, all is explained in 6 Minute Vocabulary. And we have lots of activities to help you practise...

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Activity 2

Planning to see a long-lost friend

Time to show off your knowledge

Now it's time to test how well you understood the rules about using in, on and at with time expressions. We want you to complete a conversation between two friends. Misha and Surya live in different countries and haven't seen each other for a long time. Misha is thinking about visiting Surya at her home in the mountains.


Read the text and complete the activity

To do

Fill the gaps with the correct prepositions. Also, while you read, try to answer this question: When does Misha decide to fly?

Which preposition?

9 Questions

Choose the correct preposition for each time expression.

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How did you get on? If you didn't get them all right, have another try. And do you know when Misha decided to fly? It was on Friday 3rd April at 7pm.


Well done for completing that quiz. Those time expressions were quite simple - but what about time expressions with two parts - like Saturday morning? Do we say at, in or on? Find out and then do another quiz, next!

Session Vocabulary

  • Time expressions with at

    • specific times - at one o’clock / at 2:30pm
    • points of the day - at noon / at midday / at night / at midnight
    • points of the day when things happen - at breakfast / at dinner / at lunchtime
    • festivals and special days - at Easter, at Eid
    • weekend - at the weekend

    Time expressions with on

    • specific dates - on 3rd May
    • specific days - on Christmas Day / on New Year's Eve
    • days of the week - on Monday / on Mondays

    Time expressions with in

    • parts of the day - in the morning / in the afternoon / in the evening
    • seasons - in spring / in summer / in autumn / in winter
    • years - in 1996