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Session 1

Are you working towards an important exam? We're here to help with a series of videos that gives some top tips for studying and preparing for an exam.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Exam skills: 6 top tips for revising

It's time to revise!

It will soon be time to sit your exams - but before you do, it's important to revise. Watch this video to pick up six top tips for revising - and then test your understanding in our quiz.

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It's time to revise! Here are some of our top tips. You need to think carefully about effective ways to revise. Don't leave revision until the last minute. Hopefully you've been listening in class and taking notes. Rewrite these notes and use them as part of your revision. Plan your revision – make a timetable and stick to it. Let's hear from this student about her revision strategy.

Every day I try to revise minimum for half an hour, listening, reading, vocabulary, and speaking.

So Anna revises daily – spending at least half an hour on different areas of language. Let's hear from another student.

Student 2

Well, the thing that always works for me is when I revise with a classmate, so we revise together, and we check each other’s answers, and discuss mistakes, or errors we make. That helps me really a lot.

So revising with classmates and discussing your mistakes is another revision strategy. When revising, just remember: don't try to memorise everything. Good luck!

6 top tips for revising - Summary

1. Don't revise at the last minute

2. Rewrite your notes

3. Make a timetable

4. Revise different areas of language each day

5. Revise with classmates

6. Don't try to memorise everything

To do

So what did you discover? Find out by taking our test…

Revising for exams – what should you do?

4 Questions

Answer these four questions about revision strategies

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You can get more tips for studying and exams here.

Have you got any revision tips that you can share with us? Please email them to us at learningenglish@bbc.co.uk – we will publish our favourites here and on our Facebook page. Please put 'Revision tips' in the subject line of your email.

Your tips

Here are some general learning tips from Haridan in Malaysia - thanks for sending them in!

1. Attending every class. I never skip the classed.
2. Writing or Lecturing as much as I could, because while teachers or professors were explaining or lecturing about the subject I learned, i tried to write down everything as much as I could.
3. I never revised my lectures after finishing studying because I was lazy, but I would revise what I had learned before mid-term examination and final examination only.
4. I always listened to the teachers when they told us what the tests were relevant.
5. I revised, summarized and take notes, predict the test by myself.
6. I always taught my friends, before the test day exchanged and interacted what we had studied.
7. Question - Ask among us.
8. Be assure we understood it, because Understanding was more important than memorizing.
9. Relax, Exercise, Sleep early, Eat properly and Prepare for the test day.
10. Go to the test place before schedule at least 15 minutes, do not talk to anyone about the subject we were going to take a test.

Why we should not talk to anyone about the subject we are going to take a test? because it may cause us confused and lost confidence and after finishing taking a test, I never talk or complaint about the previous test, I always go home and prepare for the nest test. These 10 tips are just only surface that every student should do and do.

End of Session 1

Next, join us for News Review, where we'll bring you key words and phrases from the latest stories and show you how to use it in your everyday English.

Session Vocabulary

  • revise
    prepare for an exam by studying something you have already learnt

    learn something so you can remember it exactly

    (here) a plan that shows when activities will happen