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Session 16

Do you think reading great literature is important?

In today’s episode we will be discussing how whether it is important for people to read fiction.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Is literature important?

위대한 문학을 읽는 것이 중요하다고 생각하나요? 오늘 이 시간에는 사람들이 소설을 읽는 것이 중요한가에 대해 논의해 보겠습니다.

Do you think reading great literature is important? In today’s episode we will be discussing whether it is important for people to read fiction.

Listen to the audio and take the quiz.

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여러분 안녕하세요. English Together 에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 저희 프로그램에서는 한 가지 주제에 대해서 논의하고 그 주제와 관련된 영어 표현을 가르쳐 드리고 있습니다. 저는 김기환 입니다. 오늘 저와 같이 하실 분들을 모셔보겠습니다.

Hi, I’m Sam

And I’m Phil. Welcome!

네 안녕하세요. 오늘은 문학에 대해, 그리고 우리에게 문학이 과연 중요한 지 이야기해보도록 하겠습니다. 먼저, 간단한 질문을 해볼게요. 세계에서 가장 인기있는 소설은 무슨 말로 쓰여졌을까요? 영어일까요, 스페인어 일까요 아니면 중국어 일까요?

Wow, that’s a hard one, there are lots of people that speak all of those languages, is the answer Chinese?

Oh, I don’t know, is it English?

자 답을 생각하는 동안, BBC Monitoring의 News from Elsewhere에서 아제르바이젠에 관해 쓴 책에 대한 이야기가 있었는데요, 한 번 들어보시죠.

The leader of the Azeri region of Nakhchivan has published a list of 30 books that he says all citizens should read. The public's supreme assembly chairman, Vasif Talibov, produced the list in order to encourage patriotism and broaden youngsters' horizons, the Minval.az news website reports. They include classics from Azeri and medieval Eastern authors, as well as Western authors such as Jack London and Ernest Hemingway. This means that a set of the 30 books should be sent to every school, library and cultural institution in Nakhchivan.

So, what do you think about this - 문학 책을 의무적으로 읽도록 해야 할까요?

It’s a funny story isn’t it - I mean, I love a good book, reading’s great - but good as great literature can be, they’re just stories - they’re fiction. I don’t think anyone should be made to read stories.

Fiction 은 소설 입니다. It sounds like you don’t think fiction is important?

Well yeah - it’s not history, it’s not what really happened - all it is, is entertainment, isn’t it?

Wait, you can’t be serious? I mean, of course literature is fiction – but it’s so much more than that – it really allows you to broaden your horizons.

‘Broadening horizons’ 은 시야를 넓히다 라는 뜻 입니다. 책을 읽으면 거기에 이입이 돼서, 다른 사람의 관점에서 생각할 수 있도록 도와주는 것 같아요. 저는 얼마전에 ‘언어의 온도’라는 책을 참 인상깊게 읽었던 기억이 납니다.

I think it’s a good thing that people are being encouraged to read more literature. If you can read about someone else’s life, their problems, you can get an amazing insight into how they think, or what their world’s like.

‘Insight’의 뜻 은 통찰력 입니다 – I love that about books – I love the way I get to see how someone else thinks. It’s great to get those insights into other peoples’ lives. Why not have a list of things to read?

Wow, you two think too much! I love books too – but I just want some escapism, to escape my life and pretend I’m in a world full of adventures. It doesn’t mean anything and no one should tell me I have to do it.

‘Escapism’ 의 뜻 은 현실 도피입니다. So, you’re telling me that you just use books as a way to escape or forget about your own life?

And TV, and films, and video games – it’s all escapism, it’s all for entertainment. It just helps me relax.

Look, it’s great that books are entertaining, and it’s great that they help you escape your routine – but maybe you should think where they can take you, and what you can learn…

그러고보니 이쯤에서 제가 퀴즈를 드렸던 것이 생각나네요. 과연 가장 많이 팔린 소설은 어느 나라 말로 쓰였을까요? 이 답은 우선 17세기로 거슬러 가는데요, 여러 자료에 따르면 가장 인기있는 소설은, 바로 스페인의 소설 <돈키호테>라고 합니다.

I didn't’ expect that… so the most popular novel is in Spanish! I haven’t read it yet.

Maybe I should make you a list of books to read…. That’s going to be the first one… then you can tell me what insights you get from it.

You’re trying to broaden my horizons aren’t you?


그럼 전 이만 책을 읽으러 가볼게요. 아 가기 전에, 문학에 대해 대화를 나눌 수 있도록, 오늘 배운 단어를 다시 한 번 확인해 볼까요? ‘Fiction’은 픽션, 허구이고요, ‘to broaden horizons’는 시야를 넓히다 라는 말입니다. ‘insight’는 통찰력, 그리고 ‘escapism’은 현실 도피라는 의미였습니다.

English Together를 청취해 주셔서 감사합니다. 다음 주에 다시 만나요!

주어진 질문을 풀어보며 배운 내용을 확인 해 보세요.

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Is literature important?

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Session Vocabulary

  • fiction
    소설 (픽션), 허구

    to broaden horizons
    시야를 넓히다


    현실 도피