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Session 71

Charlene explains 4 verbs for cooking in this English In A Minute.

Activity 1

4 verbs for cooking

Do you want to learn 4 verbs for cooking? Let Charlene them to you in this English In A Minute.

Watch the video and complete the activity

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How many verbs about cooking do you know?

Here are four.

First, bring the sauce to the boil.

Bring to.

If you bring something to the boil, then you heat it up until it bubbles.

Remember to put the direct object before to.

Now, mix in some herbs.

Using a spoon to combine the herbs with the sauce is called mixing in.

Then set aside to cool down.

Two verbs here.

Set Aside means 'to move something away from where you are working and leave it alone'.

If you cool something down, its temperature reduces.

These last three are phrasal verbs.

You can either put the direct object in the middle of the verb or at the end.

So you can bring things to the boil in a pan, mix them in with a spoon and set them aside by a window to cool down.

4 verbs for cooking

1) Bring to

Cause something to reach a specific temperature.

  • Bring the water to the boil before adding to the coffee.
  • Bring the wine to room temperature before serving.

2) Mix in

Combine ingredients, often using a spoon.

  • You need to mix in the sugar after the water has started to boil.
  • You need to mix the sugar in after the water has started to boil.

3) Set aside

To put into a place other than your direct workspace.

  • Set the cake aside for 30 minutes
  • Set aside the cake for 30 minutes

4) Cool down

Lower the temperature

  • Leave the cake to cool down.
  • Cool the cake down in the fridge.


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