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Session 64

Tom explains 5 uses of 'set' in this English In A Minute.

Activity 1

5 Ways to use 'set'

Have you ever wanted to know 5 Ways to use 'set'? Learn them with Tom in this English In A Minute.

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Let's look at five ways that we can use the word set.

Set can mean ready, so:

Are you set? Then let's begin.

A set can mean a collection.

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Set can also mean put in place.

I can set my glass on the table.

We can also set a date and this means to arrange a date, for example:

We have set the date for our wedding. It's on the 1st of June.

If we are set on something, we are strongly in favour of it, for example:

I am set on getting married in June.

And we can use set against to say that we are strongly against something, for example:

My parents are set against my wedding.

Oh no!

5 Ways to use 'set'

1. Set can mean ready.

  • Are you set? Then let's begin.
  • On your marks. Get set! Go!

2. A set can mean a collection.

  • I have a set of stamps.
  • This is a limited edition set of pictures.

3. Set can also mean put in place.

  • Can you set your fork down please.
  • He set his coat on the table.

4. Set a date means to arrange a date.

  • Have you set a date for the party?
  • No, we haven't set a date yet.

5. Set on something means we are strongly in favour of it.

  • I am set on going on holiday soon.
  • He's set on winning this race.

6. Set against to means we are strongly against something.

  • I am set against your proposal.
  • They are set against the plan.



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