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Session 56

James explains the meanings of 4 phrasal verbs related to dating and relationships in this English In A Minute.

Activity 1

4 phrasal verbs for dating

Have you ever wanted to know phrasal verbs connected with relationships and dating? Learn 4 of them with James in this English In A Minute.

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Welcome back everybody. I'm going to share four phrasal verbs for talking about dating and relationships today.

To fall for means 'to fall in love with somebody', for example:

Ben and Sarah fell for each other the moment that they met.

To go out means 'to date', for example:

The couple have been going out for four months now.

To make up means 'to forgive each other after an argument', for example:

The couple had the worst argument they had ever had, but now they've made up.

Break up means 'to end a relationship’, for example:

The couple broke up after five years of dating.

Join us again next week for more English In A Minute.

Bye, everyone.

4 phrasal verbs for dating

To fall for

To fall for means 'to fall in love with somebody'.

  • I fell for her the moment I met her.
  • They fell for each other last year. Now they're getting married.

To go out

To go out means 'to date'.

  • Gerald and Samatha have been going out for three years.
  • She asked him to go out with her, but he said no.

To make up

To make up means 'to forgive each other after an argument'.

  • He has been arguing with his wife a lot recently, and every time they make up!
  • They made up after a huge fight. I thought she'd never forgive him.

Break up

Break up means 'to end a relationship’.

  • Martin has broken up with Cassandra. They just couldn't forgive each other.
  • I think he's going to break up with her because of her new job.


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