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Unit 2: English In A Minute
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Session 23

What’s the difference between ‘except’ and ‘accept’? Roy is going to tell you, Find out in this English In A Minute - our 60 second free English class.

Activity 1

Except vs Accept

Take a look at this English In A Minute, where Roy will explain the differences between ‘except’ and ‘accept’.

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Hi, I'm Roy and today I'm going to tell you when we use except and when we use accept.

These words can be confusing, but they have very different meanings.

Except means 'excluding or not including'.

I love all types of film except horror films.

That means the only type of film that I don’t like is horror.

I don’t drink coffee except the one I have in the morning.

So I only have one cup a day in the morning.

Accept means 'to say yes to something'.

Dan asked me to go for a coffee and I said yes.

I accepted Dan's offer.

You can also accept a situation that is often negative.

He accepted his ex-partner had met someone else.

Anyway, that's everything for today. I’d love to stay longer except we only have a minute.



Except vs Accept

Except means 'excluding or not including'. It is often used with the preposition 'for'.

  • I like all kinds of music except rap.
  • I've visited all parts of the UK except for Wales.

Accept means 'to say yes to something'. 

  • I accepted his offer to drive.
  • I accepted the pay rise.

You can also use accept in negative situations to say that you 'understand the situation and won't challenge the outcome or result'.

  • She accepted the friendship was over.
  • He accepted he would never see him again.


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