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Unit 1: English In A Minute
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Session 81

Welcome to English In A Minute. Give us a minute and we'll give you a hot tip about English. Grammar, vocabulary... there's so much to learn! And all taught by your favourite BBC Learning English staff!

Activity 1

Too & Enough

Do you have a minute to spare to learn some English? Tim's going to take us through too and enough! Give us 60 seconds and we'll give you the English!

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Hi, I'm Tim and I'm going to tell you the difference between too and enough when we use them as adverbs.

They refer to quantity but there's an important difference.

Enough is usually positive. It means that something is 'suitable or sufficient'.
Great this T-shirt is big enough. It'll fit me perfectly. It's colourful enough for my sister's party!

Too usually has a negative meaning. It's used to say that something is 'a problem' or 'it's unsuitable' in some way.
Oh no! This is too short! I can't wear this! It's too late to find anything else to wear.

So if we have enough, it's probably a good thing. But if you see too, it's a bad thing.

Too & Enough

Both too and enough are adverbs that refer to the quantity of something.

is usually positive. If you have enough of something, it is suitable or sufficient for what you want to do. 

  • This T-shirt is big enough for me to wear.
  • There's enough food for everyone to eat. Pleace come in!

is usually negative. It can mean that there is a problem or that something is unsuitable for purpose.

  • This is too short. I can't wear this.
  • There were too many people at the party.


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