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Unit 1: Test Your Level
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Session 1

Do you think you're B1 (intermediate level) in English? Take this test and find out your level. Then we'll tell you which of our programmes will help you make progress to B2.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Are you B1 level (intermediate)? Take this quiz and find out

Choose the best option for each one of the questions.

Answer the questions

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What to do next to help you improve your English

Score 1-5

Good effort! You are on the way to becoming a B1 learner.

To get more practice of the things you already know and to learn something new, you should try:

To improve your grammar, vocabulary and listening, try these:

Improve your pronunciation:

Improve your listening and enjoy a fun drama:

Score 6-10

Well done! It looks like you are B1 level.

To do a course that will lead you to the next level, try this:

Improving your grammar and vocabulary is key to moving to the next level. Try these:

Learn words and expressions which are new or changing:

Learn English from real BBC News reports:

Score 11-15

Fantastic! It looks like you are almost ready to move on the B2.

You should try:

Here's a course that will build on what you know and teach you new and more complex grammar and vocabulary:

Do you use English for your job? Try this comedy-drama about office life:

Do you want to hear how native English speakers really speak?

A guide to all of our courses: