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Unit 1: One-minute English

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Session 22

In today's One-minute English Sam will explain the difference between ‘so’ and ‘such’.
आजच्या  One-minute English मध्ये सॅम ‘so’आणि ‘such’ मधला फरक सांगणार आहे.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

So vs Such

In today's One-minute English Sam will explain the difference between ‘so’ and ‘such’.
आजच्या  One-minute Englishमध्ये सॅम आपल्याला  ‘so’ आणि ‘such’ मधला फरक समजवणार आहे.

Watch the video and read our language summary to answer the questions in the quiz.

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Hello everyone! I'm Sam from BBC Learning English and today we are going to look at the difference between 'so' and 'such'.

To make an adjective stronger, we use 'so'. For example, Michael is so nice.

We use 'such' when we want to make an adjective plus a noun stronger.  For example, Michael is such a nice person.

For this reason it's correct to say 'Michael is so nice person', because we have the adjective (nice) and the noun (person) together.

It's so simple, right?



विशेषणावर जोर देण्यासाठी ‘so’ वापरतात. ‘Very’चा वापरही असाच होतो.

This cake is so delicious!
I need to go to bed – I am so tired!


विशेषण नामाच्या आधी आलं, तर ‘such’ वापरतात. ‘such’ नंतर (‘a’ किंवा ‘an’)वापरायचं लक्षात ठेवा.

This is such a delicious cake!
We ate such good food at the restaurant last night!

So vs Such

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Using ‘such’ + noun (without adjective)

Some nouns, such as ‘bore’ and ‘drag’, are the same as their verb form.

In this case, we can use such + noun to emphasise their qualities.

I don’t like studying Biology at school. It’s such a bore! And the lessons are such a drag!

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