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Unit 1: One-minute English

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Session 10

In today's One-minute English Phil will explain how to use make and do.

आजच्या One-minute Englishमध्ये 'make' आणि 'do' चा वापर कसा करायचा ते फिल शिकवणार आहे.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Make and do

In today's One-minute English Phil will explain how to use make and do.
Make and do चा योग्य वापर कसा करायचा ते आज फिलकडून शिकूया.

Watch the video and read our language summary to answer the questions in the quiz.

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Hi, I'm Phil from BBC Learning English. Today I'm going to tell you how to use make and do. Now, they can be tricky and there are some exceptions. But here are four things to remember. We use make when we create something... like this cake! We use do to talk about an activity. 

What are you doing?

I'm doing some work. We can use make to talk about something that causes a reaction. This music really makes me want to sing! We can also use do with general activities. 

What are you doing tomorrow?

I'm not doing anything. Have you got any plans?

Make: creating something / निर्माण करणे  

We use make when we create something.
आपण काहीतरी तयार करतो तेव्हा make वापरतात.

I always make cakes at the weekend.
My friend makes baby clothes.

Do: activities

We use do when we talk about activities, particularly those related to work.
एखादं काम, कृती करतो तेव्हा do वापरतात. Do म्हणजे करणे. 

What are you doing?
I'm doing some work.

Make: reactions

We use make to talk about something that causes a reaction.
एखाद्या गोष्टीमुळे जेव्हा दुसरी व्यक्ती काही प्रतिक्रिया देते, त्यासाठीही make वापरतात.

This music makes me want to sing.
This weather makes me want to stay inside.

Do: indefinite activities

We use 'do' when we don’t mention a specific activity.
अनिश्चित गोष्टींबद्दल बोलताना 'do' वापरतात.

What are you doing tomorrow?
I'm not doing anything.

Game: Make and do

4 Questions

Choose the correct answer.
या प्रश्नांची उत्तरं द्या. 

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Make + object + adjective

We can use make and an adjective when an action results in a change. The adjective describes the change.
जेव्हा एखाद्या कृतीमुळे बदल घडतो तेव्हा आपण make सोबत क्रियाविशेषण वापरतात.

I made the picture smaller, so that it would fit on the page.
The teacher made the questions easier to help the students.

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