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Session 84

Pre-eclampsia, a potentially fatal condition that affects some pregnant women, can now be diagnosed faster and more accurately.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

New pre-eclampsia test for pregnant women

A new blood test for this deadly condition is more accurate - and faster - than previous methods of diagnosis.

Language challenge

Fill the gap: Be careful. One bite from this snake can ______ fatal.

a) make
b) cause
c) prove

Watch the video and complete the activity




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  News_review_teaser learners_questions_YT_01.jpg pron in news: vaccine


The story

Scientists in Britain say a simple blood test could greatly improve the speed and accuracy of pre-eclampsia diagnoses. The relatively common condition, which affects pregnant women, can prove fatal if left untreated. 100 women around the world die of the condition every day. Researchers at King's College London say a new blood test that measures the concentration of a protein is more reliable than the traditional methods of using blood pressure and urine samples.

Key words and phrases

not accurate or exact

• The directions were imprecise, so we got lost.
• How can I bake with such an imprecise recipe!? How much flour is 'some'?

happening or becoming in the future

• The parents-to-be have decided on a home birth.
• After the election result, minister-to-be Jameson said he was ecstatic.

roll out
make (a new service or product) widely available

• The company is set to roll out its latest model of car just before Christmas.
• The new tax system will be rolled out across the country next month.

To do

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News Review quiz

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Language challenge answer

c) prove


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